Monday, May 25, 2015

Osu marriage and her family

Good evening ma,
 Am deeply inlove with my boyfriend. And he has been to my family house to see my people and he told them about his interest to marry me . My family likes him because he is a good guy and so loving. But now am so heartbroken cos my family said I can't marry him cos after much investigation from my family they found out the guy is an outcast'osu'.we r both from anambra .pls Christians in the house I need your advice on what to do cos we both love eachother so much and my pastor said that we are compactible .Thanks

My Dear,
I really feel for you, but you are not alone in this. Many hearts have been broken, many
lives have been lost because of this same issue- the Osu Caste System. 

How did it start? 
It started with our forefathers. If a man stole, owed, or commits a crime and he was pursued by his kinsmen for punishment, the man could decide to run to the shrine and surrender himself to the god of the land. From then, no one was allowed to touch him, he became sacred and his sins were forgiven. He accepted to become a property of the gods and humans are not allowed to touch what belongs to the gods. They are not allowed to intermarry, school, worship, or even farm together. This is what generations after are suffering. But it's getting better with time. Today, they are allowed in places of worship, market, and schools. I am sure we shall get to the point where it will be completely erased.

Now that you know, I want to let you know that your parents are not doing that because they don't want your happiness. It's possible they are against the Osu of a thing. But, just like many pastors and priests who preach against it, who would be the first to try it? Your parents are concerned because the moment they give you out in marriage to him, they also become outcasts among their people and it begins to flow down the family tree. 

When my auntie tried it, only my father kept touch with her. True to what tradition says, her Osu husband died very early in the marriage and only my father attended his burial from our family. It's a very tough one. Igwe Orizu of Nnewi came out to abolish this wicked practice, but as usual, he was asked to show example by giving his daughter out to an Osu. The man knowing what awaited his throne and family if he dared, decided not to give it a try. 

My best advice to people who find themselves in this barbaric bondage is to, if possible, marry someone who is not Igbo. People are not happy about it, but it's a very strong one. It would need proper education of elders and traditional rulers in Igboland to have this abolished. 


  1. Is good to listen. To parents. But in. As much as no one will pay de bride price for me . No one dictates who I will marry.

  2. Mrs Amara, you sounded as if as you won't encourage people to go into relationship with the so called osu.


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