Friday, June 26, 2015

Can I cope with his lies?

Good morning ma and to your fans,
ma I'm getting married to a policeman, everything was  done except the wedding...
The problem is he lies a lot..lies turns me off I caught him several times lying but each time I catch him lying to me he would cry,beg and swear not to do it again..
I'm tired and because of his lies I no longer love and respect him..even my family knows he is a liar but they keep advising me to tolerate long?
This is a man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with..can I cope?

Dear sender,
Marriage is not a journey you would embark on with a faulty vehicle or with some avoidable and unnecessary assumptions. 
There are some flaws that you should as a matter of urgency never condone in a relationship, talk less marriage. 
Lies is the mother of infidelity. 
Lies is the father of communication breakdown. 
Lies is the brother of commitment breakdown 
Lies is the sister of constant pains, disappointments and abusive union. 
Your parents can only suggest to you to endure but you would be the person to experience the consequences for the rest of your life no matter what others may say or do to intervene. 
Please look well, examine the relationship between you and him and ask yourself some critical questions before saying I do to him. 
That he cries and shed blood doesn't make any difference if he doesn't change his attitude. 
Marriage is not a wish or dreams, it's a reality that will transform your world either positively or negatively. 


  1. Dem force you to marry him? Abi u no knw say em dey lie be4 u gree to marry him,then why u come dey complain now? #Ella

  2. Hahaha why are u surprised dat he lies? He's a POLICE OFFICER. That is why he's lying it's in their blood, if u think u can cope with his lies cos I know won't stop lying, you can go on with him, but if u can't u quit.

    1. am also married to a police officer with a difference nd so proud of him, cos he doesn't collect bribe neither does he lie, who ever lies, is in their blood.

  3. I am married to Police Office too the road is very rough my sister if you never born for him pls run for your life and happiness now except you want to mortgage your happiness besides it does not only end in lie but be sure to see him pregnant as many women as he can and keep chains of women my next world if there is any, I will have nothing to do with police officer. regretting marrying one even though he is highly educated i prefer illiterate that gives me rest of mind. Police as a husband never again talking from experience #feelingbadnow

  4. Association of Police Officers' wives


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