Friday, June 26, 2015

Men's Fashion

A good number of men don’t know what it means to dress well. Have you been to an event where you have attention shifted from money bags to students who don’t have much in their pockets? Some super rich dudes have lost their girlfriends to students and low income earners simply because they know what fashion and etiquette are.
Men, just like women, make unpardonable fashion mistakes. I am not saying you become a fashionista,  but boy; you should be better educated on the dos and don’ts of fashion.

Okay guys; let’s start with your ways of wearing your shirts, ties, and suits.

Blaring Designer Labels
Don’t be a walking advertisement. There is nothing sophisticated about it. Just because you are wearing a designer’s name doesn’t make you stylish. Please keep it understated and simple. Most good designers don't come shouting 'I am Roberto Cavalli, Channel, or Prada". It takes someone who knows to tell what you are wearing.

Fitted Shirts
Fitted shirts are
good, but shirts fitted tightly are simply wrong. Some guys don’t even consider their pointed pot-belly while making their choice. I keep wondering if their wives and girlfriends don’t see them before they leave the house or that they are simply arrogant and don’t want to be corrected. Avoid fitted shirts if you don’t have your stomach not so big, flat, or six packs. Also avoid clothes that are too loose unless you are a hip-hop artist. 

Shiny or Glittery Shirts and Suits
It’s unfortunate to see fashion houses that should guide people in their choice being the ones making them look like the late king of pop. Boy, you have to drop that shiny suit if you are not a pop star. I once attended a program in a Lagos based church. I was taken aback by the pastor who appeared in a very shiny suit. Many black pastors in Africa are guilty of this. 
Please don’t go for anything shiny. Leave it for the ladies. It doesn’t affirm your masculinity. Some guys wear shiny shirts with jeans. Hmmmm; you don’t seem to agree with me because you feel you need it for the club. A black t-shirt or dress shirt can be worn with jeans or trouser.

Unflattering colours
Your shirt colour should compliment your eye colour, skin tone and body shape. Stay away from loud patterns. For men, they are distracting and ultimately not a good thing. It was in the 80s, not any longer.

Pink Colour
Real men wear pink. There is something about pink. Psychologically, it has a calming effect. It is complimentary to most skin tones. You exude confidence whenever you wear pink. Women love pink and are more likely to give you a second glance; did I just say that? Believe me, the pink look is a winning look. You can easily win a ladies heart just by wearing pink. It makes you look so tender and in need of a woman’s pampering. You can start small with ties and t-shirts if you lack the courage.

The most masculine thing a man can wear is rugby shirt. Never forget to tuck in polo and dress shirts hanging below the hip. Never tuck in turtle neck and sweat shirts.
Some men move all over town with black shirts that have lost their shade. This is due to wrong choice of fabric and wrong washing method. It is always better going for cotton shirts with lycra as it lasts longer. If you must wash at home,always use cold water. For your first washing mix a cup of vinegar in half a bucket of water. This will take care of the colour.

A white dress shirt is good for both day and night outing.
I see men in their fifties with no flat, toned ab, wear body hugging tops. You don’t look good at all. Go build your muscles and get you ab and butt toned and if you can't, please stay off fitted tops. Don’t forget, there are things you shouldn’t wear to a church, mosque, or formal gathering.

Avoid novelty ties since the novelty is short-lived. And remember, different knots say different things.

Jeans and Pants (Trousers)
For the over 40s, please avoid wearing trendy clothes. They only say one thing about you; he doesn’t want to let go of his youth. Even if you have a six-pack and a great butt, avoid low cut and tight fitting jeans.

Sagging? It’s not for the big boys. But if you believe you are still a teenager with no good family upbringing or you are still holding on to your youth, then, you can sag. Don't forget;  decent and cultured teenagers don’t sag. 
Trousers with pleats make you look fatter. No matter your size or age, please go for flat-fronts. You can loosen it a bit to suit you.

Yeah, we can’t help talking about your footwear. A good number of guys miss it when it comes to footwear and socks. Your footwear, if worn the wrong way will spoil your look. Your socks must match your pants (trousers) and shoes. I see a lot of guys wear white stockings. Your white stockings should be reserved for the gym.

Maybe you are one of those who wear stockings with sandals. If it is too cold to wear socks with sandals, it is definitely the wrong time to wear that sandal. This fashion crime should be prosecuted by the late Joan Rivers of Fashion Police.

A good number of men also wear socks with their African traditional wear; this is another fashion crime. Please keep your socks for your canvass and corporate wears. Some guys wear sandals to the office. This is highly unethical.

Do everything to be casual when you have/want to be casual. I know you want to get that girl to fall head-over-heels in love with you. You may end up embarrassing yourself if you don’t play safe. The more pointy or shiny your shoes are, the less casual it gets. Chunky shoes with square toes stopped being in vogue in the 90s.

The belt is another part of our look we ignore most times. Always match your belt with your shoes or handbag for ladies. It is best to stay with traditional colours like black, dark brown, rich tan. If you wear sneakers or jeans, try a belt made of fabric. Avoid dress belts with jeans and sneakers unless you are wearing a dress shirt. Some guys wear belt and suspenders together, it's wrong.

Office no-nos
Company polo or apparel should not be worn unless you are told to do so.
No backpacks with your corporate wear. If you need something for your gym clothes, buy a nice looking gym bag. If you need something for your papers,cell phones, and diaries, get a nice messenger bag. A good number of guys are guilty of this. Carry your backpack if you are on jeans or casual wear, but please, use a briefcase for your corporate look. 

Things every man should have in his wardrobe
Suits - navy, black, or gray
Black shoes and belts
White dress shirt
Solid tie- avoid novelty tie if you don’t have much to spend
Jeans or khakis
Athletic wear
Casual shirt-polo or button down

Correct your fashion mistakes. You may have to change your so called fashion consultant and do your shopping elsewhere. Don’t go on making yourself an object of mockery.


  1. I am guilty of wearing sandals to the office mostly on Fridays and few Thursdays. Here in Abuja, Thursdays and Fridays are like casual days (for we that work in ministry though), so how about that? :-/

    1. If it's with our traditional outfits, fine. But please be sure it's allowed and worn appropriately

  2. Nice one Thank you so much aunty Amara may God bless you real good I really love this ,

  3. Lol, Amara stop copying and pasting. Always give credit to whom it is due!!


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