Friday, June 26, 2015

Help; I am dying in my marriage

Pls ma what ur take on a man who refused to do proper wedding with me but paid my bride price six years ago.dont make love to me accept when he want to have another when the baby turns one year.but always go outside to have sex with women they do sent him text massages, on how he was very good in bed , i have to wear all sexy cloth and look good all to no avail.a lot of men admires me ,but i dont want cheat .he can stay like two year without torching me .am a very neat woman not looking bad at all.have to beg him for sex but he still refused wed me he still refused .i hav tryd talking with him but nothing is happening,hav prayed ,things are still the same i have two children a boy and a girl.he treat me like nothing ,i dying inside.

Dear Sender,
It's obvious you are married, but single. Your husbands attitude is not because he has not wedded you; he is simply not attracted to you and has no regard for you. Was he pushed into marriage with you? Did you, indirectly or directly, make him to marry you out of sympathy? If your answers to these questions is no, I have another answer: Have you done anything to make him lose interest in you? Did he catch you cheating? Do you nag endlessly? You said your body is always kept clean and I believe you so that is off the way. 
Having answered the above questions and you are sure that you are not the cause of his withdrawal, I believe it's time for a family meeting. We are Africans and marriage is a family thing. Talk to his parents or anyone he listens to in your family. Give him time after that to make a change. If nothing positive happens, you should do something even if the marriage continues. What is that thing you should do? Don't allow anyone make you a baby making factory. You should be loved and in return of his love, you give him children. You deserve better than this sis, but please be sure, very sure, that you are not the cause. God fights for us when our obedience is complete.

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  1. Yea, it's quite strange that a man would neglect his wife in the most basic way but I am also of the opinion that there has got to be a reason. I believe dialogue is the most effective way to get to the root of the matter. When it comes to marriage, communication is key. Lack of communication creates a divide that gets more difficult to bridge as time elapsed.

    Madam, please talk to your husband to find out what the problem is, I mean really talk to him in a heartfelt way. Heck, seduce him. He is your husband and you don't need anyone's permission to do that, if that's what it takes. Your marriage is at stake so Ojoro is allowed.


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