Friday, June 26, 2015

I am dying in silence

My greatings to you Sis Amara & my wonderful freinds. 
Please i need advice on something that  have been bothering me.......(No insults please). 
Am 24 by age...I  met a guy in my town meeting last year,he is from my town,We became close friends,i share my problems with him and he gives me good advice.
He so caring....He behave as if we are siblings while we are not.
I cook for him,wash his clothes whenever i come visiting.He is a nice person.
All these while he has not said anything to me talk more of asking for sex.......
The only difference in this ,is that,he has not said anything about dating me or asking for sex or romance.I don't know his intensions but am in love with him now.......
I don't know what to do. 
Maybe i should open up to him or keep quiet.
I don't know if he have any woman in his life.He takes me to a dinner programme somtimes.......
Please my friends help me out,am realy dying in silents..THANK you. 

Dear sender, 
From your mail, it's obvious that you have fallen in love with him. It takes great courage and confidence for you to think of making advances to him. 
It is both good and not so great approach depending on his perception and relationship status. 
Maybe you should start by knowing if he is in a relationship with a lady, that would at least help you to know if it is a worthy venture to let him know of your feelings for him. 
If he is single, then find out what his past has been like, don't just make assumptions about anything. 
Get to know him in person, know his passion and vision. 
Please give him some space and find out what his reactions maybe and please stop performing the duties of a wife to him when he hasn't made his interest and intentions known to you. 
Be his friend and should you be comfortable with expressing your feelings for him, go all ahead. 
You won't lose anything letting him know how you feel, he can either say yes or no depending on how he feel about you. 
Keeping your feelings to yourself will only make you feel as though you were not convinced of what you felt for him. 
In all, invite God to give you the wisdom, understanding and favour you need to excel in your relationship and marriage. 


  1. He is gay, how else can u explain it.

  2. Ask him if he is in a serious relationship with a lady if he said no then try to get to know him more better and then you open up to him But do not allow sex to be involve. #Ella

  3. Why won't u die in silence?...u hv choosen to kill urself!this guy is not emotionally attracted to u.He just sees u as a little sis...he is merely tolerating u out of sympathy!is dt d kind of relationship u want to endure @such a young age as 24?my dear wake up ad be feminine fr crying out loud.This type of guy is a good guy ad he wants a woman he will allow him love ad care for her not d one dt throws herself at him.ehat he feels frm u is d masculine energy ad since he is nt a gay...he will not tell u anytin unless u change ad RELAX to let him love u!...u r suffocating d guy ad dt us why he is scared to tell u anytin...he sees u as a load!Give him space ad reverse d energy to cm frm him...Stop all those things u r doing ad be ur honest self!...if he wants u,hevesnts u but wt dis ur vibes ad attitudes,u will loose him bc he is going to withdraw ad disaopear!be a wise girl...


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