Friday, June 26, 2015

Do you have a spiritual parent?

You know sometimes you pray for God to connect you spiritually. I am one of those who don't believe in running after "men and women of God". I don't believe people just because they speak in tongues, are good in acrobatics, can shout, speak Queens English, and give endless prophecies; I must connect with your ministry on a very deep level for me to come close to you. Telling me you are a man of God and having the largest congregation won't get me close to you. 

I belong to a local assembly with a very humble servant of God whose teachings are sound and unadulterated. His life is everything a Christian should be. His style of running the ministry is unique and rare in this generation; there is no magomago (gimmicks) with him. His wife is a true child of God. But they are not my spiritual parents. They are my pastors and I respect and love them, but when it comes to my life, I have a spiritual parent. Since my relocation to the USA, I have tried to connect with so many, but my spirit kept saying no. I prayed and asked God for a spiritual parent in the USA, someone who I can be naked in her/his presence; someone who will scold me without sentiments when I am wrong; someone who will love me and help me grow spiritually; someone who will always tell me the truth without manipulation; I asked God to keep all those sugar-coated tongues far from me. I told God to give me a sign when I come in contact with him/her. God did it.  Since I came in contact with her, there is so much difference. 

Why am I writing this?
Before I go on, I must make this clear: Your spiritual parent must not be a preacher. So many of us just follow the crowd without knowing where we are going. Your walk with God should be unique. You are calling him daddy and her, mummy; are they qualified to be your spiritual parents? What role do they play in your life? Yes, he preaches good messages, she can pray and speak in tongues; what role does he or she play in your life? Is he able to tell you the truth without minding your feelings? Who is leading who; you or him? Is he or she a spiritual parent or just some woodpecker after your pocket? Does he or she know what's happening to you? Can he or she stand by you to wipe your mess whenever? Are you one of those acting to have a perfect life before your so called spiritual parent? You can act to the world, never to your spiritual or biological parent. 

Your spiritual parent should be, the spiritual way, everything your biological parent is to you. Now think and answer the question: Do you have a spiritual parent?

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  1. We can be our own spiritual parent. #Ella


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