Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Can a lesbian truly change?

Good day Aunty Amara, please post this and alert me when you post it.
I have this young lady am in love with,but initially she was acting too dry,she's not romantic at all,then I started investigating,but before then she keep telling me to help her out,that she knows she's not romantic.
I asked a few questions about her primary and secondary school life,if she had anything to do with her fellow girls,she lied to me at first but after like one month she opened up and told me she was a lesbian during her secondary school days but she stopped the act before gaining admission into the university(according to her)and now she is in her final year(6 year course).
Funny enough she said she lost her virginity to her best friend,but she has not meet with any guy in her life..since her confession,I still accepted and love her the more,just yesterday she called and started thanking me for making her feel like a woman for the first time in her life,she showed me love this period,embarrassed me with calls and sms ..please my complain is not to leave her and move on(for some adviser,don't even think of that) the question is can a lesbian truly change?
Dear sender,
Anyone no matter how terrible, horrible, dirty and dejected, can experience real transformation that comes from genuine love, patience, understanding, tolerance and prayers.
Grace has always been the conveyor of change and with God who has all the power to transform anyone, there is no addiction, nor any flaws that cannot be defeated.
Now is not time for you to doubt if she can truly change but to encourage her and support her to truly be made whole in your love, understanding and appreciation.
It took your support and understanding for her to open up to you and if you can go all the way to assure her that you believe in her personality and appreciate the woman she is becoming, you would have won a romantic, loving and adorable lady in her.
Sometimes what lead many to some addictions is lack of love and care which is why we cannot stop giving love and our support to those who are fighting one battle or the other.
I am glad that this lady never took your sacrifices for granted and that she is making every efforts to become a better lady.
Please support her the best possible way with prayers, encouragements and love and I am convinced you will never regret it.


  1. If the Spirit of God does the change in her, she will not indulge in the habit again no matter what goes wrong in the relationship but if the change from her habit is caused by your "love" for her, whenever anything goes wrong she will have more reasons to fall back on her former habit than ever before. I am speaking from experience.

  2. She can change, if the will in her is strong. Tell her about the power of JESUS, if she can surrender all to him, am sure he'll take control .

  3. God has already taken control of her. show her more love. change your perspective towards her. see her as a different person. Enjoy

  4. CORE LESBIANS: Lesbians who have gone to the level of fingering and using sex Toys on themselves hardly change! 98% of the time, They never change. They will continue with their evil act secretly while pretending to have gotten over the act. It's a Deep cult.

    So Bros, It's all up to you!

  5. Show her love n continue to hold her hand n pray for her,pps do not disappoint her bkos she will feel dejected n might go bak to been lesbian


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