Tuesday, June 2, 2015

He is making sex a criteria, I need advice!

I have dated a guy since my 200l we love each other so much but he is so much into women and that I have tolerated him for years now am a virgin in my 22 years he broke up with me and found a new girl friend but since then till now he still wants me back and the problem is that even if I still love him so much he is making sex a criteria for our relationship and am not ready for it till marriage. 
I don't just know what to do ma, am so confused here he keep telling me that I hold the key to his happiness and once I decided to open it that no girl will stand in my way ma 
I need your advice please thanks.
Dear sender,
Two individuals cannot achieve anything when they are not willing to make some adjustments to accommodate the other in the relationship.
He is into women.
He is into sex.
He loves you but does not respect your decision not to indulge in sex till your wedding night.
You are his happiness and you are with the key and the key holder.
The truth is, from all you have said, you know so well what accepting him means, it means you will give him the key to his happiness, open your legs for him,and allow him to explore and compare you with other ladies.
If he cannot make adjustments, then I do not feel he may have your best interest at heart.
Discuss with him and tell him your stand.
Do not date anyone who will make you compromise on your convictions or make you regret being in a relationship with him.


  1. It's Obvious: If you don't want sex then no need dating him cos you won't be Happy in the relationship and he won't too!

  2. lol...swthrt,dis guy doesnt luv u..he just want to break down ur wall nd will definitely take d key frm u n hand over to his nxt victim..be very wise wit men nd deir swt-sugar-honeyed coated tongues wen dey re eyeing ur nest..dey can even promise u America


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