Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'm in the middle of a mess, should I give up?

hello ma.. Please ma I need your advice I no longer know what to do... 
In August 2014 there was a prophecy that myself and my family which is me, my husband, and our daughter should move out of our current apartment that there is an evil spirit there hindering our success that if we continue to stay there we might remain stagnant, of which we tried to raise money for another apartment but all to no avail so myself and my husband decided that he should move to his friend's place till he is able to raise money for another apartment which he did in Nov 2014.. 
Since then he has not gotten the apartment and my Pastor says what God is revealing to him is that he has money but he has no plans of getting an apartment and he does not want to come back home to me and I also noticed that his attitude towards me lately has changed... 
Please ma am caught in the middle of this mess and I don't know what to do the current apartments payment will be due by this month of June 2015 and I just graduated waiting to go for clarion call by Nov 2015.. 
I don't know if I should just give up or wait for him to come to his senses.. 
I feel abandoned by a man I have been suffering with for the past seven years of my life..
Dear sender,
The Bible says test all prophesies to know if they are from God. I know many of us cherish "my Pastor said'' and many long to hear the man of God mention their name or their problem.
However not all of those are genuinely from God which most times many do not take their time to verify.
I feel this is time for you to seek God's face and discuss more with your own prophet and priest your husband on what he may be going through.
Do not make the mistake of feeling that everything others say about him is all the truth.
Sometimes their assumptions may be false and you will be the one struggling with the consequences.
Kneel down and seek God's face, find out what his purpose for your marriage is, explore ways to raise funds for your family and offset your bills so you do not need to tell the pastor everything happening in your home.
Now is the time for you to cover your husband and your home, the more you expose your family outside,the more you destroy the very efforts your husband is making to give his best to you and your children.
Cheer up and remember, God is able to do what He has promised, hold unto Him and you shall testify in no distant time.


  1. That's the kind of pastors we have today. They can't counsel people and advise them accordingly on certain adjustments they should take in other to get things done; everything is spiritual. They can't teach the word of God to people and allow the Spirit of God to convict and convince them for the needed liberty to take place. When did pastors become lord over people? Madam, go and fix your challenges with your husband. When God asked Abraham to leave his father's house, He spoke to Abraham directly and that was what convinced Abraham. Why didn't God tell your husband directly?

  2. D pastor has jst separated u frm ur husband,its time for u to sit up n pray ur way out,,may God see u thru amen

  3. Olufunke MorenikeJune 2, 2015 at 4:57 AM

    Are u sure its not a plan work,cos successfully both of you has been separated,but keep praying to God to help u and see u through,for now,involve both parents.God is your strength.

  4. My dear, pls try not to see thru d eye of someone else, build urself up spiritually and pray abt ur situation. God is not d author of confusionat all, He wl not separate u from r husband. God wl send u help and ur home wl be restored IJN. Peace

  5. This is always the problem when you rush to marry. You are not independent and can't boast of taking care of yourself. See the mess you are in? You are yet to serve you don run carry make matter for head. Now you want advice? Live with it I guess the man has had enough of you aand wants a fresh start. Focus on your NYSC hopefully you will get a good job and can move on with your life


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