Sunday, June 28, 2015

A relationship without sex?

Greetings Ma. please Ma I would like to know can there be a relationship without sex?
I'm a lady of 27 .I have several broken relationship because I refused sex. 
Am confused can there be a relationship without sex or I should just give that up. 
Please reply .thanks and Good bless
Dear sender,
I know that it may be emotionally discouraging whenever a partner leaves you because you refused to offer him sex.
Perhaps I may ask,if you offered him sex as he desired, do you feel he would still be with you?
If we have many ladies who are also willing to offer him sex just like you did, don't you think you would be exposing yourself to some unnecessary sexually transmitted diseases and infections?
If the only thing he could appreciate in you be your body, what becomes of you spiritually and emotionally and psychologically?
What if in the process of pleasing him with your body,you end up conceiving for him, how would you cope should he deny you when you needed him most?
How would you cater for yourself and your baby should you find yourself in such circumstances?
Our God in all wisdom knew that it would be for your own benefit if you could wait until you get married to enjoy sex with the confidence and security that comes with the fact that he is no stranger to you and would forever be with you.
There are lovely and awesome relationship that blossom without sex and they are not only fulfilling but also fruitful.
I won't tell you what to do,but I would suggest that you weigh the risks and consequences before deciding on what you feel is best for you.
Also do well to understand your passion,purpose and your vision in life so that you don't end up always with the wrong partner.
In the end, if God encouraged us to do it then it must be worth the prize and would profit us much more than the present circumstances that may be challenging our convictions.

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  1. Hello! YES. There can be a relationship without sex. If a guy leaves you because you refused to give him your body, maybe a burden actually left you because only God knows the heart of a man. You have no assurance that he'll eventually get married to you even with the sex, and even if that marriage happens after series of premarital sex, how sure are you he took you as a wife out of love or because of the great sex. I'm not a woman but I don't think it's all women that want a marriage based on sex. Marriage ought to be where you both see and enjoy all sphere of life and not just the bedmatics aspect.

    A matured man ought to understand and respect your take on some issues which concerns you. In all, just know that sex isn't a criteria for a successful relationship.

    God bless you as you make a choice you hope not to regret on the long run.


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