Sunday, June 28, 2015

Social Media Hoax

I couldn't help laughing as my friend told me his story
This my friend likes pretty girls and since he's single, rich, and seriously searching, he fell for one angel (as he described her) on FB. Last week, he left Port Harcourt for Abuja to meet his Angel after months of online dating. My friend was excited and had to check into Abuja Sheraton.

That very night, the angel showed up and according to my friend, but the time he saw her at the lounge, he was still looking around and hoping to get a hug from the angel. Was he dreaming? Was she trying to tickle his fancy by playing some games? That's not the angel he saw on social media. But it was real; he wasn't dreaming. The light-skinned FB angel was dark-skinned; the 5"7 girl came short; the straight legs came crooked and damaged by cream. My friend was attracted to the hips; it was a hoax after all. The angel was not taken to the executive suite he paid for; she was discharged from the lounge.

According to my dear friend, he will never appreciate or click like on any lady's FB picture again until he sees her outside FB.

Ngwanu, two can play the game. You see better girl come dump am say she no fine, you don jam fine girl, enjoy it bro.

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  1. My brothers,from all of us at AVL,we say 'ENJOY YOUR HOAXES'! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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