Sunday, June 28, 2015

He's Working Behind the Scene

Where are you now? Where has the world kept you? Where has the prince of this world kept you? Are you down in the valley? Remember Daniel. Are you passing through the fire? Remember the three Hebrew boys. Are you passing through deep waters; in front is the Red Sea and behind is Pharaoh's army? Remember Moses and the Israelites. Is everything lost? Remember Job. The God of the mountain is still God in the valley. He won't leave you.

Right where you are, He is with you. He promised to go with you through the deep waters and fire. And you know what? Only His word can stand against Him. Let every man be a liar; let your situation be a liar and let God be God. Get ready to be celebrated because after He has tried you, you will shine forth as gold.

God trusts you;:He knows you can handle it and that's why He has given it to you. Each one of us is tempted and tried according to our measure of faith. He is a faithful God who won't give you more than you can handle. Don't disappoint God, make Him proud. He knows you can handle it.

You are almost there, close to victory. You are close to your shout of victory. Press on daughter; press on son. His presence is with you and He has said that even if a mother forgets her suckling child, He won't forget you. You are still God's favourite.

Hear this
God is always silent when He's up to something fantastic.

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