Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our first date! What do I do?

Hi aunty amara,.......
am a girl in my early twenties, currently serving in one of the state in south south...... 
I met a guy on facebook three months ago, we started getting along, along the line we exchanged our numbers.....and to be honest with you I have started developing feelings for him, I know it might sound awkward but I just can't help it...... 
We have planned to meet each other soon..... Having heard about a lot of things happening on facebook, I decided not to take the risk of travelling to lagos to see him but instead he promised to come...... But the issue is that I want our first meeting to be in public place, but due to distance he can't come and go the same day........please I need an advice I don't know how to go about this..... I really want us to meet in an open place

Dear sender,
It's not a difficult nut to crack. Knowing the difficulty you may have hosting him and the security concerns with meeting him, make enquiries for a cheap hotel where he could lodge for a night or two and then return back to his base.
But you have to endeavor to take responsibility for what happens on that day.
Let it be as open as possible and please do not go alone since you are meeting for the first time
Its a journey of love and sometimes you have to take some risk to receive what you desire in life.
Be positive and make it a date to remember.
If he's willing to make some sacrifices for the relationship, its only kind for you to reciprocate by making enquiries to ensure he get a roof over his head when he comes to visit you.


  1. Hello! Thanks for not harbouring the idea of travelling to meet him and I'm really impressed he is ready to come over. The issue of where he's going to stay shouldn't be a problem because there are definitely hotels in South South that are quite affordable (if am not mistaking), so all he needs to do is make sure he is buoyant enough to afford one. I'm glad you want your first meeting to be in an open place which is a great idea and that shouldn't be a problem because you can choose a place where you both can hang out.

    Please one mistake you shouldn't make is to accompany him back to his hotel room maybe out of pity (that mistake should be avoided), but if at all he one way or the other wants to know your place and you agree to that, another mistake which you should totally avoid is falling into that temptation of sex out of pity or lust.

    No matter what you both are talking about, please and please never get drunk in the process. If you're able to avoid all these and your guest is done with his visit to South South, this will be the time to watch him closely and know if anything changed after the visit.

    Whatever you do, don't forget to put God first and may He bless you as you take steps you hope not to regret in future.

  2. Let him stay in a hotel, then you guys can meet in a park/garden or if there is any eatery around there. After everything let him go back to his hotel room and do not go with him. #Ella

  3. By the time he gets to anywhere in south south from Lagos, it would have been very late , so u tell him to rest for the day , explain to him that you won't be coming to the hotel room to see him before he comes so it won't be difficult for him to digest when he finally arrives , when he finally comes allow him to rest for the day cos definitely he will be very tired , then the following day arrange for a place of meeting , which fast food or restaurant is usually the best point and very public, then enjoy ur date with him , when he is done instruct him on how to locate his way back shikena (if actually u guys have known each other and it's ur ist date with him , u won't follow him to his house so take it that is ur ist date with him and u won't go to his hotel room )


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