Sunday, June 28, 2015

My prophetess told me she won't make me happy in life

Good evening sister Amara. I have been speechless since today. 
I accompanied my friend to a prayer house. The prophetess told me that I should not be in a hurry to get married, stating that my girlfriend will make me unhappy in the middle of the marriage if I marry her. She said the ugly trend will start at the 10th to 15th years of the marriage. 
To be candid, this lady has been a super friend to me. An excellent chap, full of prospects. Always thinking ahead and the most amazing friend of my life. I'm short of words and my spirit has never doubted her. 
I don't know how to approach this issue as the prophetess told me that it might be irrevocable. I really love her and we have been together for the past eight months. 
I need suggestions from the Civil fans of this great page.
Dear sender
Whenever you receive a prophesy, vision or a word of knowledge, what you must not fail to do is to test the spirit behind such prophesy or word of knowledge.
Get down on your knees and cry unto the Most High God, he isn't far away from you nor can he not reveal the same to you.
It's too early to make conclusions irrespective of who said what.
In marriage the must be challenges, tests and trials so if you were expecting a Mary go Rosy kind of marriage then you may remain single because marriage comes with enough dose of experiences that would build your faith, strengthen your emotions and make you balanced psychologically.
I may not be able to verify what the prophetess said but I am deeply convinced that whatever God ordains would always prosper irrespective of the circumstances that may try it.
This is time for you to get closer to God and allow the Holy spirit to reveal the deep things of God's purpose to you.
If you have deep conviction in your spirit and you are assured within you that she is the one for you, join hands with your partner and nulify any negative forces of the enemies over your relationship and marriage.
Because He gave you the authority to reign over the kingdom of darkness, no threat can harm anyone who has made the Lord his dwelling place.


  1. Hello! I don't believe God created you and handed your life over to a prophetess to dictate how your life goes. I don't think the God which speaks to that prophetess is different from the God you serve (except the prophetess isn't telling you something).

    One thing I couldn't really get from your post was why you decided to take your friend to go see a prophetess. Believe me, if everyone took their spouse to a prophet/prophetess before marriage, many marriages wouldn't have been possible.

    Therefore, I might wish to advice you to present your friend to God in prayer and if it is God's will for you both to be together, nothing will stop that. God bless you as you don't let your fellow human being dictate the way you live your God's given life.

  2. God only give you what you want not what you do not want. If your girlfriend is your heart desire i see not reason why you guys cannot get married to each other. Pray and tell GOD it's she you want. #Ella

  3. I am glad that God is Sovereign and Almighty. A similar thing happened to me before i got married, the woman of God said that i would experience problems with the man i was going to marry and it would lead to our separation, well i called on the Almighty Sovereign God, that sees the end of a matter before its beginning and HE nullified every evil pronouncement. Today we are married to His Glory and Name alone...just pray with your would be spouse, stay away from sin...fornication and romance if you are serious about seeking God.

  4. oga boss! i once had a similar experience like that, but with my job, my pastor told me to leave dt God said, i should resign, and i did... i dint ask God, now am suffering it, everyday, my friends and family keep asking me why i left but i cant give a valid response, i only tell different stories.... bt there's God sha! ask God to direct u, dts the mistake i made.


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