Saturday, June 27, 2015

Does this guy love me?

Good morning Sis Amara, please I need your advice and that of your Fans.
I met a cool guy where i work he has been with us for six months now, for some weeks now we have been friends,  he told me he likes and would want to date me, I like him too but for the fear of the unknown.
We got talking like four days ago,  he told me he lost his dad when he was about entering SS2 that was 2005, but just yesterday we made out time to sit and talk one on one, he told me he loves me but that he was scared as an Igbo lady my parents will object because he is Idoma by tribe that is from Benue, I told him that he has to fight for what he truely wants if he loves me genuinely.
I told him my fears he told me his too,but when it came to the time we wanted to talk about his age he said he was 34, now I backdated it 2005 when he said he lost his dad, does that mean he was 24 years in SS2? I am 36 and he does not believe I am, but someone told me he is about 37 years.
I don't know if that 34 years is what he falsified when he was applying.
He still said he wanted to date me I reminded him I was older than him,  he said he loved me. Another thing that struck me while we talked was that he said he can't provide what I need as in that the pay isn't enough, I told him I am payed equally but that there are certain things better left unsaid, does it mean he can't get me soap and tissue?
That the little matters not the big, along the line he told me that from a far when someone sees me that I look flashy and expensive. I told him we can work as a team that I ll be there for him.
He told me how his last girl treated him as at the time he had no Job..
I am confused please does this guy love me?? Is he for real

Dear sender, 
Only time can reveal the true intentions of every heart, whether love, friendship or mere acquaintance. 
But with some things not adding up, maybe it's time for you to make further enquiries and minimise assumptions. You may ask him instead of thinking what may not be true. 
But the best you can do for now is be friends with him until you are convinced that he has the qualities you desire in a man. 
Beauty isn't skin deep so don't be deceived by outlook that you forget that your peace of mind and happiness is more expensive than any make up you can think of. 

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  1. Be friends with him for now also monitor him to know the kind of guy he is before giving him the chance. You know some people do act nice but when the got what they want they take off. While giving him a chance if you will,tell him no sex that you'll do it after marriage with that you will know if he love you or know. #Ella


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