Saturday, June 27, 2015

He beats and doesn't respect me

Good  pm mummy Amara and fans please post this for me ma,
Am 25 years with 2 kids and am managing my own shop he is a civil servant but if we have an issue he would collect the shop key even when he was at fault and any time we have small misunderstanding  he would hit me in front of his kids and ask me to park that he can't manage me again.
Yesterday he hit me in the eyes later when i was crying he brought ice block from refrigerator and asked me to put it in my eyes but i refused and he was begging me telling me that he was sorry that he didn't know when he did it. when I was still crying he now said you see i said it that you have bad mind, you cannot  forgive somone that he was tired,  i should go and he will never ask of me nor beg me to come back that he dont care that he will only miss his children and he also collected my ATM card.
So when i asked him for my ATM CARD he said that  i never opened acount for him that he can't give me, and he knows that  my brother sent N4,500 for me to use and add to my business but he refused to give me my card nor my money telling me to go that he dont care and my eyes is  still paining me so much up till now so i was planning to go to my friend's house with my children this evening and stay let me know wether he will look for me
He knows the woman o but her house is N150 transport from our side so that i can get small respect from him, and to also know wether he will stop to dey hit me
Please ma i need your Advice

Dear sender,
I cannot tell if you are married to this man or you are cohabiting with him, that is living and giving birth to children in his house without any Marital rites on your head.
However,you don't need to go to your friend's house,  instead you need to go home to your relatives and family.
No matter how nice your friend maybe, she may not be able to cater for you and herself.
Marriage was not ordained for wife batterers and weak men, if he made you blind, no apologies would restore your sight.
When a union is life threatening, then it's time for you to take a break and remind yourself what marriage ought not to be.
You need to be alive for your children and you need life to be married to a man.
No excuses or reasons is justifiable for any one to threaten the life of the other in any form or manner.
And if he hasn't paid anything on your head, then you would need to be prepared to cater for your children and not return until the right things are done.
Marriage nurtures life spiritually, emotionally and psychologically, if you don't experience any of those, then it's time for you to rediscover yourself and avoid any catastrophic event.


  1. Return to where?
    If that guy is not properly handled, he will always hit her even after performing all the requir marriage rites.

  2. Soo sorry you found your self in the hand of a man who do not value women,if he love you he will not have the mind to hit you, if you're not married to him,i think you should move out because you're illegal in his house but if you're married to him then try to notify his/your family about his behaviour and for them to talk to for your ATM if he refused to hand it over to you then go to your bank and declare it lost your bank will block it and send a new one to you or you can open a new bank account on your name then transfer all your money into the new account. #Ella


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