Saturday, June 27, 2015

You are God's Masterpiece

Do you know what happens when you are happy, satisfied, and pleased with yourself? Subconsciously you begin to smile from the inside out.There is this thing, something unexplainable about you. And while you are busy doing your thing, some man or woman(destiny helper) will be attracted to the light of your smile.

I always see ladies frown so much in desperation and the feeling that nobody wants to love them. Haven't you realized how a good number of single ladies age before time? This is just the state of their inner being manifesting on the body. The fact is that when we worry and frown as if the problem of the whole world is on our shoulder, there is a force, a negative force that pushes every positive thing away from us.

As a guy, when you move about in rejection, there is an invisible board placed on your forehead and it reads,"beware, I am frustrated because I carry rejection".

Guess what happens when you are happy with yourself;when you wake up every morning and after thanking Baba God for a new day, you go straight to your mirror and tell yourself every wonderful thing. You look more beautiful than you are. 

Don't wait for a man to tell you how beautiful you are. Girl, you've got to take a step to the front of that mirror and praise the work of creation because you are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him.
C'mon boy, get up, wear that lovely suit again, don't keep it for the next party. Stand in front of the mirror and admire the CEO. You will surely get there only if you believe.

Girl, step out cheerfully, no quarrels with anyone, no room for bitterness and malice because they eat you up. No room for emulation; this is your major problem. You are not happy with yourself, you struggle too hard to become someone else.This kind of life can only fetch you frustration at the end of the day.

You are God's masterpiece, His original. Enjoy life. In the words of LG, LIFE IS GOOD!

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