Saturday, June 27, 2015

He beats me; I still love him

Aunt Amara, gud afternoon, am new here, pls  hide my identity, am 27 and my boyfriend is 33yrs. We've been dating for 4yrs now. My guy is hot tempered , we play a lot with each other, but  when his angry, he beat me up, like many times, but he always apologized, I will let things go, wen he doesn't have money, that's wen he will spend time out side, he stopped talking to me the moment our money finished, I bring most of it,  am so confused rite now, he promised to marry me, I don't know what to do again, pls I need ur advice. Thanks

Dear Sender
He beats you now, apologizes, and you are in love with him; I  get that. 
Hears this: He will beat you in marriage and not even letter I will come out from his mouth. And even if it comes, what makes you think you will be alive to hear the "I am sorry"?
Use your tongue to count your teeth.


  1. It's not even ethical for your husband to beat you not to talk of a boyfriend. Please what do you actually want in life? Because from the look of things, am sorry to say that you might end up not getting married to that guy. Most probably he is using you to satisfy whatever he has in mind (extortion inclusive). Please you've spent/wasted 4 years of your life with someone who doesn't look as if he is ready to point out his future ambition/plan(s), and you say you're 27 already. My dear, in as much as God's time is the best, with that your boy/man friend hovering around you, time is seriously not on your side. Maybe it's time you move ahead and let that guy be, don't let him tie you down any longer, you're not a punching bag, you're a lady (not a guy for that matter), you ought to have a bright future ahead of you but if you insist on sticking to a man that assaults you when you're not even married to him, pray to God to deliver you from the so called man when you finally get married to him. Maybe God is giving you sign that he is not meant for you, but you're kinda blinded by what you call love. Anyways, I wish you luck in your struggle. God bless.

  2. That is not a relationship, you have to tell him for the last time. Any day he lay his hands in you that you will leave him and you have to stand on your words. #Ella



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