Monday, June 8, 2015

He has been married before and I'm worried?

Good evening sister Amara,I need an advice on this please.
There is this young man I'm involved with,and we are planning to settle down but we got to find out that we both are AS making it impossible for us to push through with our plans.(sex was never involved ).
Now he wants me to marry his elder's brother,both of them are living in USA, he said he still wants me to be part of their family, even the sisters all loves me.
My concern now is that the man has been married before,though it didn't work out because the lady's mother was involved in many things according to my sister's husband . Though the lady is now married with kids.
Again his age,according to the brother he is in his 40's and I'm in my late 20's. I'm just worried about the whole situation considering the fact that he has been married before.
Is it proper for me to go ahead with the brother.
Please I need your candid advice.
Dear sender, 
The question really is how well do you know the man and what do you feel for him?  
Are you in love with him or you want to be close to your boyfriend so that you don't miss him? 
Have you asked the right questions or are you in a haste to get married? 
You need to pause for a moment and meditate, though it didn't work out for you and your boyfriend, must you end up in his family? 
Do you really love his elder brother well enough to be with him for life? 
Have you taken your time to know what happened to his previous marriage and what you are going to experience when you marry him? 
Have you prayed to know God's intentions on this? 
If you are convinced of his personality, you won't notice his age because age doesn't define who to Love, it only reveal what life has transformed us into. 
But do not hesitate to sort this out within before deciding on what is best and what would give you happiness and fulfilment In life. 


  1. This doesn't sound right at all, how can you marry your boyfriend's brother, it simply means that you will end up having sex with your boyfriend anytime you see each other, cos you guys are only breaking up because of your genotype problem, not that you have issues...this doesn't require any second thought at all, cos it is wrong in all ramifications, the problem with some of you ladies is that whenever marriage is mentioned you will stop thinking straight. #enoughsaid

  2. It's not right, unless u re interested bsc u heard marriage and USA too!

  3. Marry him oo, husbands no dey market now o. E scarce like fuel and dollars.
    What are u not comfortable abt? He stays abroad, US for that matter. U will live abroad and drive jeep. Spend dollars as u like. Do one in town wedding.

  4. No put head ooo


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