Sunday, June 7, 2015

How do I deal with anger?

Aunty Amara, i thank you so much for all your teaching and advice God almighty will bless you richly.
Aunty Amara please i need your advice and that of your fans. I realised today that i cant deal with my anger by myself thats why am pleading with you and your fans to tell me how best to handle it because  i no longer want to cause my parents anymore pain because of my anger. Aunty Amara please don't ignore this my message please  give me advice on what to do.
Dear sender, 
Anger is a state in which the mind is impatient, inconsiderate and emotionally unstable thoughts. 
Most times, the victims seek for retaliation or avenues to seek revenge mostly in a violent or destructive manner. 
And until self is satisfied, it never finds peace within. 
Everyone at one state in life or another have experienced anger but how we manage is what make the difference between those who are wise and those who are not. 

Whenever you are angry, say nothing if possible until you have thought it through. 
Do nothing until you are calm enough to know the impact or the consequences of such action. 
Take your time and be patient enough to understand your thoughts before seeking for solutions. 

When you are angry, and you are tempted to hit, fight or do something that may be harmful, injurious or dangerous, walk away from the scene and do not go back until you are calm within. 

Forgive those who offends you and learn to forbear those who you wanted to get revenge from. 
It may not be easy but with constant practice, you would have learnt how to manage anger when someone offends you. 

Pray and invite the holy spirit into your life. Anger doesn't dwelling in the blossom of those who fear God and honour him. 

Forgive and forgive again, one of the ways anger get hold of many is through unforgiveness. 
The more you forgive the more you acquire the wisdom and maturity to manage anger even in unfavourable conditions. 

It's a journey and with time you would understand why you should not permit anger in your heart to the extent that it consumes you. 

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