Sunday, June 7, 2015

Should I tell him about my baby?

Thank you  for you have helped us very much and God bless you .
I need your advice
Am 28 years  and i have a boy friend of 26 years .We love each other madly but i have a child(girl of 3 years ) whom he does not know and i fear telling him because  i fear his reaction.Now i need your advice,whether to tell him or else i leave him.
what if i tell him of the child and he agrees to go on with me,does the age matters because  i hear my friends say its not good for a woman to get married to a man below her age.
Now i need your advise because he has started talking of marriage.
Thank you
Dear sender, 
The presence of your daughter is not a secret in life. You carried her for nine months, nurtured her for three years now so there I no hiding her presence in your life. 
Please tell him who you are and withhold nothing from him. 
If he loves you, he would know what is best for himself and for your daughter. 
Withholding this will put you under unnecessary pressure and undue stress. 
When it comes to the age difference between you and your partner, work with your convictions and not the opinions of your friends. 
Understanding your role as a wife and mother to his children matters much more than calculating his age. 
If he is mentally and emotionally mature for marriage, then you may Consider him and trust God to perfect all that  concerns you. 
Marriage is a lifetime journey of two individuals who are convinced and committed to their vision in all circumstances of life to remain together in love and understanding. 
Do not set your heart in marriage with many secrets or deception. 

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