Sunday, June 7, 2015

We are age mates, I don't think I can wait for him.

Good morning and happy sunday ma'am...please  sister Amara I need an advice from you and that of your fans, please.
Am 24 years old dating a 24 years old guy too, we love  each other very much, we met in school 2013 and its wonderful. He finished his ND programme last year while I just  concluded mine this year, we wish to settle down together someday but now my problem is him, he is having some academics challenges that want to make him quit his ND result and start all over in a university (though he hasn't even enrolled yet) but that's what he said he would do.
And as it is his parents are not financially bouyant to do assist him. Am so confused because  am the only daughter of my parents, so I wish to get married before the age of 27. But from  what am seeing in his side it doesn't look like our relationship is gonna get to the  alter. So madam please I need your advise please what should I do. Thank you.
Dear sender, 
Marriage is a sacred journey that needs adequate preparation before embarking on it. 
You do not get married because you wish to be married at a certain age nor do you consider marriage because your family is either pressurising you or you are the only child in your family. 
Marriage is much more than that. You need to first know what you need in life and relationship before you think of who you need to marry. 
From your mail, you said that you love him so much and he loves you too, if truly you love him, then your concern would be to see avenues to be help to him and not to leave him because of his temporary challenges. 
I also do understand your worries and concerns about his age but I'm more concerned about your happiness than I am of your age. 
If you feel worried, then talk to him and find out what his vision is for you so that you can decide what is best for you to do. 

In all, do not let the pressure of age make you make a decision you would regret later in life. 
Pray about it and allow God to guide your footsteps in this. Sometimes the things we worry about are devil's way of distracting us from embracing God's provisions for us. 

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