Sunday, June 7, 2015

My husband won't quit communicating with his ex

Hi Anty Amara,may God bless you for me,you are doing a great job,please I need your advice and that of your fans,my husband married a white Lady that had a child for him.
The girl is 15 years now. they later husband got married to me,we both live outside African now but my problem is, my Hubby and his ex are still communicating as friends, she do invite him to her house, they dicuss alot of things, they even discuss about me his wife, when we have issues he will call his ex-wife and tell her, the ex - wife will start sending him massage telling him that I did not deserve him, they chat on socialmedia. Ex- wife do call him to come and drive her to the shop where she will do shopping, my husband is hot tempered any time we have issues, I will still be the one that will go and tell him that am sorry even when he beat up during our augment! This issue of his ex-wife have been causing problems for 7 years now we got married, we have three kids,I have talk to him, we have fight,quarrel, my parents have talk to him, even his that knows about it, but he said over his dead body will he break contact with the woman. I didn't tell him to break contact with her ex-wife since they have a child, what I was telling him is to minimise the communication, that the daughter have come of age he should communicate with her, my husband refused, Anty please help me, what will I do? sorry for the typing error. Thanks!

Dear sender,
These are the challenges that comes with marrying a stranger. You no longer have all the freedom to decide on what is best for you but you would also consider your children who will also be affected by your decision.
The truth is you are married to a man who was never single which was why he feels comfortable discussing you with her (feels like a first wife to me).
I would suggest that you focus more on giving your children the very best in life. Don't raise the topic anymore knowing that you may not be able to force him to quit the relationship.
Pray for your marriage and commit everything to God who can transform his life.
Make out time for your family and your husband. It is actually a battle of who wins his attention and affection so you have to minimise your complaints and maximise your compliments of him. Appreciate him, encourage him, celebrate him and find ways to bring him home with good meals and good times in your bedroom.
I pray that you shall overcome this phase of your marriage with patience,understanding and wisdom.

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  1. Odikwa risky, dis one na big wahala o, only God can handle dis! Table d matter to God, let him decide ur fate, meanwhile focus more on ur kids and try ur best to be happy, do not budge him wit d issue again.


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