Tuesday, June 9, 2015

He has proposed but I'm not happy.

Aunty amy i sincerely thank you for the good work you are doing here,please am a girl of 22 while my boyfriend  is 30,we are in a distance relationship cos i met him when i visited my sis in ph and i stay in Abuja .
I met him in bank we exchanged numbers and were  friends  until after a month before  we started dating he was so nice but very boring to be with  and what i needed then was somebody to bring the best in me then,when i traveled back to abuja to call na war even when  i call him the  call don't  last more than  three minutes  cos he would  just be eager to end the call some time we wil end up to four months not hearing from each other whenever i try to tell him he will say that  what matters is that he loves me,to cut the matter short he proposed last week, i wasn't able to reply him cos i don't feel been loved at all,but later accepted cos am considering given him time and be more patience but each weeks to by the case of not communicating well go worse.
please i need  advise.

Dear sender, 
I know it may be frustrating dating a partner who have poor communication skills. 
But what I feel you should do is to take your time to understand his personality and vision as a man. 
Sometimes the things that make us worry are the things we do not know was the weakness of the other. 
Take your time to understand how he manages his time, what engages him on a daily basis. 
How he communicates and his interest. 
Connect to his image of life and you would flow easily with him. 
For him to have proposed shows that he may not be a man who communicates often but will always keep to his promises. 
The more you communicate with him, the more you sharpen his communication skills. 
Take some moments to pray and do not be in a haste to assume or conclude that he may be this or that. 
Pray mor and channel your feelings and fears with all courtesy and respect. 
God will give you the wisdom, Grace and understanding you need to encourage him to communicate much more than he is  currently doing. 

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