Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My husband doesn't join me in prayers.

Hello ma,l need your advice,l have been  facing it alone,but no way.
Have married for good three years plus now, but no children,and have be praying to God,attend  to some special programmes,but still no change,but  the big problem am facing is man l got married to,he never joins me in prayer,l go to camp,vigil alone,he doesn't see anything bad in it, when l try to convince him that all this issues,is spiritual case,he will lgnore it,and  when  l say lets go to hospital for more treatment, he will give money excuse, infact is a long story ma,l need your advise,am not getting younger ma.

Dear sender, 
It would only take a lady who is seeking for the fruit of the womb to understand your plight and pains in your marriage. 
I know how frustrating it can be when the very person you feel should support you becomes the person who simply doesn't care about your pains. 
Please organise yourself and seek God's face, do not embark on  crusade and prophetic tour when you are not at peace within and  convinced of what God can do. 
It's time for you to seek God's face and not the face of men of God. 
It's time you pray for your husband and in turn your marriage. 
Discuss with your husband and make out time when it would be convenient for him so that the doctor can examine the quality of his sperm and that of your body. 
Please do not give up on God and in your marriage. 
Your testimony is on the way.  Do cheer up and be hopeful. 
God is too faithful to fail and He shall perfect your joy in Jesus name amen. 

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