Tuesday, June 9, 2015

All my friends have rich guys as hubby.

Good day ma, I and this guy are colleagues in a private school, he asked me to marry him and ever since he has started planning, now I met with other wealthy guys and I'm falling cos all my friends have rich guys as hubby, But this one loves me a lot though he's not buoyant, please ma advice please.
Dear sender, 
All your friends maybe married to rich guys as husband but do you know if they are all happy with those rich guys? 
Marriage is not a business empowerment programme where a partner gets married to the other because of how much they have. 
Marriage is a lifetime journey where you have responsibilities and duties as a wife to support, assist, encourage and sacrifice to build a resilient family. 
What you need more is a man who truly loves you and appreciates you. 
You need to balance what you expect from your husband with what you are willing to give to make your marriage work. 
Do all you possibly can to avoid compromising your own happiness for riches. 
Only time will tell the difference. 

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  1. My dear no one can tell u who to marry, but I beg you not to look at wealth in choosing a life partner. Its possible d wealthy one is meant fr u and its also possible they are not, dnt look at your friends because your destiny and theirs aren't thesame...my advice is that you look at these suitors closely and find out the one you can live with and have peace of mind through their characters, love isn't all there is to marriage there are also other qualities you should look out for in a man, which amongst them compliments your weaknesses? Please my dear you don't need to rush it, take your time and also talk to God in prayers...my prayer is that you will make the right choice Amen


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