Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Two men as asking for my hands in marriage.

Good  evening, Aunty Amara.
please  I  need  your advice and that of your fans. I am a 26 years old lady.Two guys are presently asking for my hand in marraige.
The first guy,is in his middle thirties,he his not caring,he is the bossy type,orders me around,and can spend days without hearing my voice,but the second guy who is of the same age with me is caring,treats me like a queen, he doesn't spend a day without hearing my voice,and before he does certain things,he seeks my opinion and also carries me along in all he does, above all i see him as my friend and i flow freely with him.
The issue now is,i have been praying for God to direct me,on which of these two guys to get married to,but God keeps showing me, both in dreams and through different signs,that the first one is my husband,i have been praying about this for sometime now,and i still keep getting the same result.
Right now i am very confused on which of them to get married to,cos one thing i know for sure is that God is not an Author of confusion,he wont give me something that would cause me pain.
I dont even know what to do next,please help a sister in need,I really need advice on what to do,cos i don't want to make mistake in marraige.So sorry for the long write-up.Thanks.
Dear sender, 
Dreams alone is not the only way God reveals his will of a partner to an individual.  He uses His word in the Bible, he also uses dreams and vision and he may use circumstances to lead you to whom he has prepared for you. 
How you know you are with the partner God has prepared for you, you experience peace and fulfilment within your heart whenever you see, hear or talk with the person. 
You are convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that you shall not struggle or be choked when you get married to the partner. 
He helps you to become a better lady and helps connect with God effortlessly. 
You are happy, and happy and happy with him, and for him. 
You got to this because you were confused and as a result cheated on yourself. 
You need to prepare your mind and stick to one partner. 
Only then will you be able to hear God clearly on whom to marry. 


  1. U re now Joseph the dreamer, wat u shld focus on is who really wants to settle down wit u, treats u right and ur mind is at peace wit him, den go for him!

  2. Dating two people at the same time is a sin! I pray God will minister to you. Sometimes we want God to say what we want to hear, the uway of God is not the way of Man.

  3. Leave that dream and fellow your heart before ihe nmadu awuo ihe onye ozo. #Ella

  4. Go with what gives you fulfillment. Who can help me be better and be yourself. Marriage ain't relationship, happiness and focus is very important.


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