Wednesday, June 10, 2015

She's begging for forgiveness but with another man's baby.

Hello Amara , there was a girl i have been dating far as 2007 we agreed to marry but then i travelled  to lagos to serve as an aprentise in shop and she was a student we were communicating through phone and all was going smoothly though i do not contribute finacially as regard to school thing and others but she understood that am not boss of my own and if i should do any stupid thing i would be fired. After her graduation she stayed with her elder brother at onitsha.
I was settled November 2012 she called after a month of my settlement and demanded i should come home that her parents are disturbing her to get married and told her it was just a month i got my freedom she should have patiance till april 2013 or if she is doubting my sincerity i would make contact with my parent to meet with her's are they know me though do not that were dating or she should let her mother and father know about me so that they can let her be. I didn't know that was my offence as she stoped calling me even when i called she will not pick i tried any possible means to reach her but all to no avail for a whole year ie 2013 . surprisingly she called me again on 28 Dec 2013 asking if am coming home for new year season and said yes she said we can talk when am back to viliage,as travelled i couldn't see her i asked some of her friends nobody was ready to tell me her whereabout her number switched off till i travelled back to lagos to cut it short when i lost my mother and travelled for her burial she came to visit me and was so astonished for what she told me that she was now a mother nursing a baby girl but she doesn't like the father of her daughter that i should marry her now .
When i asked why was she seperating with the other guy she said he is not caring i asked  again  had the guy gone for introduction and you have told your family to accept him as your husband to be and they have accepted she said yes. I told her i can't marry you hence you're nursing another man 's baby besides it is not as a mistake that you got pregnant had it been you see quality of what you  want from the guy would have dumped him for me .
Now is that she has been crying and begging that i should forgive her it's devil's work. she equally told people that am heartless i don't have spirit of forgiveness even though her bride price has not been paid .
Aunty amara what can i do as I still love her and with the conservation with her am very sure that the other guy loves her very much too. Thank am sorry long write up.

Dear sender, 
In as much as you love her so much, she is no longer the young innocent and beautiful lady you knew her to be some years ago. 
Today,  she is a mother of another man's daughter. 
You need to consider not only your love for her but that of her daughter and how to contend with the other man. 
Take your time to meditate on what you truly desire before making your decisions known to her. 
It's not time looking at her tears but time to face the reality that her decision has brought to her. 


  1. Bros, So you allow her reverse pyschology(by telling you you don't have a forgiving heart) to get to you? Smh**

    It's very simple: Forgive her(for ur own peace of mind) but never ever have anything to do with her....not even in ur dreams! Never accept her back for any reason else you will have urself to blame cos she will teach you a Bigger lesson.

  2. Poster move on with your life, she is now your past. #Ella

  3. Don't mind her, she is insane.

  4. Don't mind her, she is insane.

  5. She was not heartless when she abandoned you for another man abi?

    1. Dont mind her,she was in a hurry to get married and she met her luck,now she is looking for whom to blame.


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