Wednesday, June 3, 2015

He is uneducated, is it a good reason to let him go?

Aunty Amara please publish this for me please.
I really want to know other peoples opinion about it.
Am 22 years there is this guy that loves me so much he provides for me financially in fact he's a good man but,he's not a graduate and I really do not want to get married to a non graduate.
I don't know if that's a good reason to let him go
Dear sender,
There is absolutely nothing wrong in having a mental picture of what you desire in life.
There is nothing wrong in choosing what you cherish but please I will implore you to weigh your wish with what you truly need.
Certificates are awesome but unfortunately they never guarantee happiness or success in marriage.
There are many who wish for what is good but most never put their need in the picture.
You need happiness and peace of mind in your home.
You need a man who truly celebrates you, appreciates you and is willing to invest in you.
You need a man who will make you flow and be free to fly with all confidence and contentment.
If all his flaw was that he wasn't educated, please seek God's face before deciding whether to let go of him or continue.
Our thoughts are not his, our wishes may not be his will but in the end, I pray and hope that you will make the very best of every privilege God has provided for you.
Marriage is a lifetime journey, go for what will sustain you for a lifetime and not what is temporary.

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