Thursday, June 25, 2015

He only call me when he needs my body.

Good afternoon ma,
Thanks for your good work, please am very very unhappy now. 
Am into a relationship with a guy, but the problem i have is that the guy dont call me unless he wants sex. 
There was a time i called him and as he was answering the call, one girl was asking him who is calling him, immediately i heard the voice of the girl i cut the call. 
The girl later called me telling me to stay away from his guy which i did because girls of nowadays can kill to win just a guy. 
The guy later called me with the girl's no asking for forgiveness telling me that is his ex-girl that visited. 
Please i need your advice on this issue, have not been in a serious relationship before, and this is gonna make me to distrust guys. Dont know whether i should quit or exercise patience. Thank all
Dear sender
If his ex still visits him, why wait for him? If he could call with her number to apologise, what do you think he might have told her about you?
If the girl had the authority to call and warn you, on whose authority was that and on whose permission are you waiting for him?
If the only time you were valuable to him was when he had an erection, what exactly has his love improved in your life spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically?
When you are treated as an option by a partner, it's time for you to examine what you wished for, and then compare it with what you have with you.
It would guide you to know what's best for you.
There is no sentiments in what you need and no compromise to your happiness in life.
Let them guide you in your decisions. 

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  1. Dear poster, that guy is a cheat moreover he do not have value for you,stay away from him the girl that called you is the main chick not you. He is using you to pass time whenever the main chick is not around,so run for your life #Ella


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