Monday, June 22, 2015

He's hurting me, please advise me.

Hi aunty Amara,goodevening.
please I need your advice. Am a girl of 24 years in a relationship with a guy of 30 years.
we started dis relationship in the year 2011.
my guy is in switzerland. we love ourself but the problem started last year.
He hardly call me as he normally does and when i call he will be rejecting my calls. when he later called he will tell me that he travelled to another country for business.
He will apologize and i will just forgive him. he then formed it as a habit. He came back to Nigeria two months ago we planned on how to see but i couldnt make it because i was admitted in the hospital,he wanted to come down to east to visit but he was afraid of kidnappers because they kidnapped his brother when he came to imo state. He later went back to Switzerland without seeing me. he went back again and stopped callling me again and when i called he wont pick.
what will i do? he has proposed to me on phone before, i don't want to be the one to break this relationship because he provided all my needs years back and i don't want to hurt him but he is hurting me and i rejected many suitors that came my way.
Advice me on what to do. thanks aunty AMARA

Dear sender, 
I may not know the real definition of love but I am yet to see a man whose partner was admitted in the hospital and he was giving all the excuses time could afford him. 
I don't know how your communication has been in the past but if you have to beg, plead and literally remind him every now and then to call, then it's either he's in a serious challenge or in a serious relationship with another. 
That he provided all you needed in the past doesn't mean that he would become your husband in life. 
Talk things through with him and redefine the relationship to avoid waiting time with a man who is emotionally unavailable for you. 

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