Monday, June 22, 2015

Is he for real? Please help!

Good evening aunty Amara.
I just joined your forum. please I need your advice on this issue.
Am 24 years and am serving now. When I was in school I had a boyfriend and he is still my boyfriend now and he is serving too.
He said he would like to have a future with me.
I love him and so he does but there are some little things that he does that annoys me.
He argues a lot with me and he can't even say sorry once he is not the one at fault.
Now I just met another guy that I love so much more than this one.
Because almost all the qualities the other guy has he has them too even more and that's why am loving him the more.

This new guy said he likes me very very much just the way I am.
But my problm with this new guy is that he doesn't call me as expected ,he is busy chasing his business and when I complain to him he would tell me that he knew that he was not doing well but I should just please try and understand him.
That he doesn't want his wife and children to suffer that's why he is too engrossed in his business.
But anytime I wanted us to see he will cancel all his appointments for that day just to spend time with me.
He has explained everything to me that maybe is because he wantd to be a seminarian before that's why he is not giving me much time as expected.
But later he will  apologize and ask me be patient with him and manage him like this for now that he believes that he wil change soon.
He is building his own apartment and he wants to finish everything this year by God's grace so as to settle down next year by Gods grace.
he keeps apologising and trying to make me understand him the more how he  likes me very well.
He avoids arguing with me and  he is an optimistic guy.
He has plan for his future.
Please aunty this second guy for real or is he deceiving me.
He is not interested to have sex with me.
he is still a virgin same with me.
Am just confused of what to do.
Should I give him time and be patient with him or I should quit him and stick with my first guy????
Am still also praying for God's direction on the issue.

Dear sender, 
If you knew so well about the history, success, vision and the plans of this new person why then are you worried about him? 
Why did you feel so comfortable cheating on your partner all because he argues with you and he doesn't say sorry. 
You should have been kind enough to at least end the relationship with him before venturing into an amazing angel of few days old. 
God cannot tell you his will when you are holding the hands of two men and deceiving them with lies and pretence. 
In as much as this present man sounds like heaven on earth to you, he may not be what you thought of him given by the sudden many excuses he has manufactured within few days of knowing. 
However if you are convinced that he is the best for you, then honourably disengage yourself from the other partner. 
But I would remind you that marriage is never a bed of roses, and even if you desire roses, you should be ready to cultivate them. 
Seek the face of God to avoid being deceived by flashy people with nothing within. 

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