Sunday, June 21, 2015

Who do I pick from the two of them?

Hi ma'am, good evening, please am in a confused state and I need serious advice.. 
Am 29 years old and am dating a girl that I intend to marry, we've been dating for three years now and I love her. 
About two months ago we had issues and she stopped calling me so I went to her house but she walked out on me. ( The issue is that she asked me for money to make her hair and at that moment I didn't have it). 
I tried talking to her many times but all my efforts was not good enough. 
The main problem is that there is another girl who claimed that she loves me, for the first time in my life that I have ever seen a girl who honestly share her feelings with me. 
Telling me that she loves me and I just like her as a friend. Please ma, I want to marry next year by God's grace and within these two ladies who should I pick. 
The one that I love but on the other hand do not value me or the other girl that told me her feelings towards me?
Dear sender, 
I know that you are vulnerable of falling in love with anyone who confesses love to you and I also know that you feel worried with the attitude that your girlfriend is expressing to you. 
You yearn for love but this would be the worst moment for you to know what is best for your life and destiny. 
I wouldn't recommend any to you because I don't know what you need in a partner and don't know what your vision is in life. 
I would rather suggest that you talk things over with your girlfriend and please do not commit yet to your new admirer. 
Find out more why she walked out on you and ask her what her fears are. 
If she is done with the relationship, kindly break up with her before engaging in another relationship. 
Please remember that for the fact that a lady expressed how she felt about you doesn't mean that they have your interest at heart or that they have the qualities you desire in a lady. 
Do not because you wish to marry next rush into marrying the wrong lady for your life, you would live the rest of your life in regrets. 
Instead of focusing on when to marry, pay more attention on who you desire to marry :a lady who supports you, a lady who understands you, a lady who appreciates you, a lady who is honest to you, a lady who is organised and willing to grow with you and a lady who is close to God. 
Take your time to pray and allow God to guide your footsteps so that you would enjoy your marriage with your wife. 

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