Sunday, June 21, 2015

He doesn't want commitment and I'm confused!

Aunty good evening am a lady 22 years i met my boyfriend in an event in 2013, he asked me out and we started dating, although he's in school ( private school) he visited me in my school once and that was in 2013 and since then i haven't set my eyes on him only chats and calls he doesn't call frequently .
I always ask him why he wouldn't visit me so we can know each other better his excuse would be " they are not allowed to leave the school" which i understand but when he's on break he wouldn't make any move on how we would see, i have told him lets end the relationship he would say NO that he wants me in his life and would plead.
The issue is that its a year and six months we haven't seen each other and we are both in Nigeria not like its abroad,I need someone to chat with, share my thoughts and problems with and someone i can call my own it's really hurting me. why am still with him is because he's having issues in school that's why i don't want to leave him am confused

Dear sender, 
I don't feel this partner of yours love you so much for the kind of commitment you seek from him. 
He is only burning the candle while he looks for a better time to let you know the truth you don't wish to believe. 
That he has challenges in a school shouldn't be the reason why you should be with a man who has no feelings for you.
Relationship is not a pity party where you sing songs of sorrows and lamentation but a reality that you live out even when it may not be rosy. 
I feel it's time you wake up from your dreams and accept the reality that he may have you in mind as much as you wished. 
When you are in a relationship, you would need no one to let you know because you would experience peace and comfort in your heart not worries and fears. 

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