Sunday, June 21, 2015

He was so pissed at me,and I feel bitter.

Goodmorning ma thanks for being a blessings to this generation.
Ma please I need your advice ma and that of your fan.
I have been into relationship and because of sex they all left. 
I left the relationship,I said I won't go into any relationship until after school because being single at times is better,fortunately for me a guy who we have been friends since 2012 during my diploma at ABU Zaria,he was a law student and final year at that time and we both graduated together I noticed he was having crush on me but never let it out because I was so close to a particular guy and he felt we were dating,it was recently he chatted me up on WhatsApp and I was surprised after two years and then he opened up to me about how he likes me and wanted me to be his girl I refused but later I taught of how he was nice to me,he was someone that was so caring,decent and then I said yes to him and he promised never to hurt me. 

Ma I have so many toasters even guys coming for my hand in marriage but I don't love them but I've come to love him,but yesterday something happened,there was this particular guy who has been calling he doesn't want to give up on me he travelled only God knows where he went to and I was surprised to see his call a day after yesterday,he called and I asked him to stop calling me that am into a relationship and at past 9 yesterday he sent me an sms that so I said yes to another guy after him being my toy,so have gone for another toy,that same yesterday I was chating with my guy and my reply was slow,he asked me what the problem was and I forwarded the text to him,my guy got angry,ma please was it right I forwarded the message to my guy,because he was so pissed with me that he won't believe me cos the meaning of the text the guy sent is that he has been having sex with me,my guy was so angry with him, that I called him for the very first time he busy my call,for like 20mins I was talking to him he refused replying me,and later called and asked me to stop crying and that he has forgiven me,but within me I still felt bitter,even this morning when he called and asked why my voice was dull I kept telling him am sorry and he said we should forget the past and forge ahead,but still am still hurt,because my guy is someone with a good character he is humble and above all he is Godfearing and he so much love me,he has said he will take me to the hospital to run blood test n genotype test,ma pls I need you and your fan's advice on this,God bless you ma.

Dear sender, 
Every human being no matter how holy, God fearing, righteous and mighty they might be today had a horrible past. 
And no matter how terrible, horrible, vile and foul anyone may be today or yesterday, the cross of our Lord Jesus has the power to regenerate, renew and restore such a person. 
You didn't do anything bad letting him know that you had a past. It only shows how transparent, sincere and honest you are to him. 
You don't need to worry or cry over this. A  man who understands what love represents and genuinely love you won't leave you because you have slept with a man in the past. 
All you need to do is be calm and trust in God and not in a man who may disappoint you. 
Do not weep as though he is your god and do not worship Him as though your whole eternity depends on him. 
It's both dangerous and disastrous. 
Keep being yourself and commit all that concerns you to God in prayers. 
If God has made him for you, nothing will make him leave you. 
In Christ Jesus you are redeemed, in His Cross, you are flawless. 

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