Tuesday, June 9, 2015

He's not cool with my male friends.

Goodmorning Madam..... I am 22 years old and in a relationship with a guy,he is seriously interested in marrying me,even though he is yet to have a job... but the problem is,he is not cool with me having too many male friends,even though they are just ordinary friends to me,I find it hard to make female friends,cos am cool with guys than females... and I cant just tell them am no longer friends with them or be a snub...
Please what advice will you give me?
Dear sender, 
When you are in a relationship with a partner, you need to put their feelings into consideration as you keep your friends close to you. 
There are things you would ordinarily do when you are single that you can't do just because you may be indirectly hurting them. 
Take your time and talk to him. 
Do well to assure him of your commitment and do well to enhance your communication skills with him. 
Celebrate him in your own way and always remember that your actions or in actions may either hurt your partner or make him happy. 

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