Monday, June 8, 2015

I'm having a second thought about this relationship.

Hello Aunty Amara... I need your advice and that of your fans desperately.
Around i started talking about with a young man on facebook..i have always known his family and him too anyway we started talking and getting friendly over facebook something i usually dont do.
After about a month,he asked  me to be his girlfriend ..he's in the UK and i am very very sceptical about  abroad guys..but this guy was or at least sounded different..i agreed to date him despite the distance..
we talked everyday and about evrything untill recently..
one day i and a cousin of my cousin (a guy whos married) took me,my sister,his baby and his brother out on a sunday evening.
He doesnt stay in Enugu but his parents do and his wife was out of town so didn't go with us.when we were out we took some pictures.
Prior to this i had told my boyfriend  that i was going out with my sister and some friends...
The guy and his brother later put up the pictures  on Facebook and asked if they could tag me and as i didn't  see any harm in it,they tagged me and the pictures were showing on my wall.i didn't upload any..
My boyfriend took offence and asked me to put it down.i did ..
I untagged my self and removed the picture...when i thought it was over,my boyfriend said he could only talk to me if the  picture was taken off facebook and i told him i had taken it off my wall but he said i should tell the guys who uploaded them to delete it..i found it ridiculous but then i asked the guy to do it..and he said he wouldn't ..that my boyfriend should stop feeling insecure which was my thought...
My boyfriend  didn't talk to me till Thursday  and  then  he sent me a message that he cant believe we a arguing about  a facebook pictures  and i should tell him what  to do to make  things  right .
I became happy and thought we were good up until today he brought  up the pictures issue again.
Am beginning to have a second thought about him...I'm beginning to think i almost cant have a life of my own with him...he posts pictures of himself with other people and tags them..
i dont honestly have problems  with that but he's putting removing the pictures someone put up that i was in as a clause for talking to me and untill then, i should be on my own... Right now I'm thinking of staying on my own at least until he's back and all that cos i think the whole distance  thing  is a problem.
i don't  know if my decision was ok...Thank you
Dear sender, 
If you have to literally stop breathing just so that you can make him happy, then you may need to reconsider your reasons or convictions for loving him. 
These are not a healthy signs of a prospering relationship and you need to open up and tell him what you feel to avoid regrets later in life. 
Please open your eyes now that you can see so that you do not end up shedding tears with them when it may have been too late. 

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