Monday, June 8, 2015

He's asking for my nude pictures.

Warm greetings to you dearest Aunty Amara. I really must commend you on the way you add value to the lives of people through your wise counsels. May God bless you richly.
Please I need your advice. I am really sorry for coming through this medium but I have been trying to send the message through your blog without success, guess it's the fault of my phone.
I'm 31 and In a serious relationship with a guy living abroad who's 34. We actually met years back but I broke up with him due to my own childish reasons. But he did everything to win me back and I know for sure that he truly loves me. We have been dating now for one year,and He's currently making plans for his people to come over and perform the necessary rites to make us man and wife, so that I can join him abroad where he's a permanent resident.
The problem now is the strain on us due to the long distance relationship. He started asking for my nude pictures to help him bear the physical distance till I come over. I'm frankly scared of nude pictures  getting leaked and ending up in the wrong hands.
Please wat do I do? Thanks and sorry for the long write up
Dear sender, 
I know it may not be easy for him and I understand how you feel about it. 
Please encourage him to be patient with you and assure him that very soon he will not only be watching the pictures but embracing your beauty. 
But under no circumstances should you send your nude pictures to anyone. 
Apart from it getting to the wrong hands, there are wonderful Internet security agents who may receive a copy of the pictures and only heavens knows exactly what the do with it. 
Let him endure for a while, pay your bride price and he wouldn't need a camera for all the beauty his eyes shall behold. 

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