Monday, June 8, 2015

I thought he really loves me

Good pm AMV
Please post this for me its very story is a little bit long,but am going to
summarize it.
Am 23 years old and a kopa 2015 Batch A,I was posted to Bayelsa state, those who knows about the state will agree with me that the cost of living is very high over there.
Am in love with a guy who is abroad,although I will have to call it a "relationship
Before he travelled out we were dating,but I will say it wasn't serious although we had sex twice.
Somehow along the line,we met through Facebook as at last year December,and we renewed the relationship..we were really fond of each other,he's the caring type and he has what I need in a man.
He went as far as telling më how much he has
in his bank account (a huge money)mind you he
works in a place they manufacture cars.
To cut long story short, he promised to come home
this December, so that he can meet with my family
and do the necessary things (marriage)he was
serious with it.

However, this morning I sent him a text demanding for his financial assistance.
Below is the mesaage.
Hace promised myself, I would never demand anyting
from you.
But,I dont havw any option than to tell you.
Baby, its has to do with finance.
Please I dont want you to be offended with it. I'm somehow not
financially buoyant.
That's  why am coming clean to tell u.
I was given two weeks in my office, which am to
resume work on the 15th.
I need to get an accommodation but the situation at hand now is am
not financially alright.
Please I do not mean any harm.i just want you to assist me with some money so that I can add to the one I have to get an accommodation.
I don't want you  to take it as an offence,because am asking for your assistance.
I havē no one to turn to but you,that's  why am asking you please .
I'll be very grateful if my request is granted. Thanks.
Sorry for the  long write up

His reponse was "dont have money now"
I mmediately he sends the message, he went offline. even
my response "OK" I typed has not be delivered.
Please I need your advice. Thanks.
Dear sender, 
I understand things may not be as rosy and fun as the orientation was. 
Maybe you need to report to your place of primary assignment of your challenge and also proceed to the secretariat to lodge a formal complaint to them so that they can advise you on what is best for you at the moment. 
Some fellowship provide accommodation for her people, you may as well manage there pending when you are able to get yours. 
But please do not be discouraged by the temporary challenges because they shall be history in no distant time. 
Based on all you said, I can't really say this man was not willing to help you nor can I also say that he was deliberately avoiding you. 
Internet has its own way of putting pressure in a relationship which you should be mindful of. 
Also that a man is living abroad or told you he had some millions of dollars doesn't also mean that he is currently capable of helping you. 
Most times, it's even those we feel cannot help are the ones that give most often. 
Before you conclude that he doesn't love you, do well to know if he is even able to feed and take care of himself. 
I'm not trying to defend him but there more to what we feel or think about those who maybe far away from us. 
Talk with him and forget about his not being kind enough to even hear you out. 
Hopefully he would have something to say. 
Whether you wish to continue with him or not is solely your decision to make. 
Wish you all the best in your service year. 


  1. It just happened today, relax he will call back later

  2. in respective of what happened, my dear before u say yes to any marriage proposal always seek the face of God. for our God is ever ready to hear us when ever we call on to him Jere 33: 3, John 16;13. for the scripture says that the blessings of God maket rich and it added no sorrow. what ever the lord gives u is loving, peaceful, glorious, blessings unending and above all, math6;33 serve God. seek him always and when u seek him with all ur heart, u will find him. don't forget to make the holy spirit ur closest friend. God bless u. for soon it shall be turned into a testimony for u Luk21;13

    1. Dear Anonymous, the bible quotations u gave aren't in line wif ur write up. For instance Proverbs 10:22 was quoted here.
      @ Poster, dis shouldn't b d yardstick used in measuring His love for you expect it becomes a repeated occurrence ... b patient n bear wif him on dis 1 although it's obvious u really need his help n u were polite abt it


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