Monday, June 8, 2015

My wife is proving stubborn.

Hi,i need your advice on this my matter am married with a beautiful daughter and i love my wife so much and because we are stying in the same compound with my people they do complain over my wife's behaviour and same with my wife too.
My wife refused to be in good realationship with my mum and my dad complained about my wife not giving them food and always staying indoors.
My dear,  my wife now is not staying in our family house because my father was so annoyed that he told her to leave the house and my wife replied him and also said that my sisters will be moved out from their husband's house.
In conclusion to all i asked her to forget everything  that anyone did to each other and come home before we can go find our own home and she refused it.
I have done every that i needed to keep peace and she is proving to be sturborn that i have to ask to stop calling me since she cannot help matters and is up to three weeks the whole thing happened.
I need your advice and my people complain about evening food.
Dear sender, 
I may not know how much you have in your pocket at the moment but I would implore you to please do your possible best to provide shelter and security for your beautiful wife and lovely daughter. 
No matter what you say or plead to encourage her,the truth is that she is both naked and afraid as a result of the treatment she has received from your loving parents. 
Please this is not time to command her to come home or complain about her meal. 
Find a place, even if it be one bedroom so that she can have some dignity and respect. 
To minimise the gossip and unnecessary exchange of words. 
Try and  visit her to know how she is doing. Whatever it was she didn't do well, please apologise on her behalf but please take this as a matter of urgency to provide a shelter for your family. 
That is the only way your parents would respect you and her. 
I pray that you shall receive all you need to protect, provide and preserve the joy and fulfilment of your family 

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