Saturday, June 20, 2015

He's not from my tribe, should I accept him?

Good evening ma'am! This is my first time of posting here... please do help a confused mind.
Am 24 years an igbo by tribe, am into a relationshp with an Edo guy, he's already a man of his own, he is everything, he is nice, he s just cool, but am worried about the relationship
What if he asks of my hand in marriage because whenever we talk he mostly talks about our future together...
I know i sound silly but please is there anything wrong if i truly accept him wholeheartedly without thinking of his tribe?
Does it mean that God can choose a person's soulmate outside his tribe? Am worried because i don't know what their traditions are.

Dear sender, 
You do not sound silly, in fact you are wise for looking beyond just admiring him to wanting to know how to cope with his tradition. 
Just like God made you an Igbo tribe, so did he make him an Edo son. 
It wasn't his decision likewise you and God can plant your partner in any part of the world or Nation. 
What matters most is who you love and the willingness to adapt and build a home where love, peace, and unity reigns and blessed with lovely children with bright future. 
Nobody was born knowing the tradition of their land.  It took time and some teaching for you to learn the tradition of your community and the same applies to anyone you get married to. 
With love, support, understanding and patience, your husband would put you through his tradition should you get married to him. 
Because we appreciate the feelings and opinions of our loved ones, maybe you may need to talk to your siblings about marrying an Edo man and see what their reactions maybe while you trust God for the very best of the relationship. 
But in the end, your happiness should matter much more than the opinions of anyone. 
Because whatever comes from God is always good, if He is the man God has ordained for you, of course you would enjoy him all the days of your life. 

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