Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How do I convince my mum not to come?

Please i need your candid opinion on this.
I would put to bed by December ending but i don't want my mum to come for my omugwo(helping the nursing mum by her mother)  because i am not close to her and she is very materialistic. 
She sees omugwo as a money making venture and i can't meet her needs. 
I also want to have my peace as i don't want anything that would give me bad name where my hubby is.
I live in Canada and the last time my mum went for my elder sis omugwo it was hell on earth because she started making trouble right from the hospital. 
The worst part was that she travelled from kaduna to cross river for this omugwo and insisted on leaving after 11 days. 
Everybody begged her to stay a little at least one month but she refused. 
Mind you she is alone at home and is already retired and taking pension. Please how do i avoid her coming to my place without offending her coupled with the fact that traveling to come over to Canada is not easy and then coming with problem is something else.
Taking care of the baby after birth is not a problem to me as i have my sis in law here and the midwife can also be coming around. 
I just want my peace of mind.
Dear sender, 
Understanding the kind of mother you have is the first strategy to knowing how best to tell her the economy of your pocket. 
Remember in all your endeavours to protect her image in your husband's family and sort this out with her before letting your husband know your plans for her. 
Let your mum know that you cannot afford to bring her to Canada as a result of the financial constraints you are experiencing. 
Send her some gifts and some money so that she can organise thanksgiving in her church.
You don't need to spend so much bringing her to Canada when you can clearly not afford it. 
Assure her that in due time, she would carry her grand children. 
You need to be calm, loving and patient as you tell her your plans and suggestions. 
When she must have agreed to your plans, then you can let your husband know of it and then you two can plan towards that. 
Focus more on your health and that of your baby. 
Keep praying for safe delivery and plan towards giving your best for your new born. 
I pray that you shall have safe and successful delivery with no complications in Jesus name amen. 

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  1. Tell her there is no money to arrange her travel documents to Canada, that solve it all and same time save your money. No big deal about it #Ella


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