Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I 've been stuck in here for so long!

Good morning Aunty. Please help me post this.
There is this girl I've been asking out since Dec. 2013, we live in the same street and we worship in the same Church.
She is a graduate but yet to go for service though am still an undergraduate. At first everything was going fine although she said that we should be just friends, I agreed to it because I really love her until she realized that she's older than me with two years that was when she started avoiding me no matter how I would explain to her that age doesn't count compared to the love I have for her.
Though she's has agreed for us to be friends but there's this attitude of hers. If she sees me talk to some other lady she will get angry even up to a week and I will be the one to be asking if i did anything wrong.
Even on Facebook, if I comment on another lady's photo like you're beautiful she will stop talking to me and logout, yet she's saying that she can never date or marry a guy that she's older than.
I really want to move on, but how do I get her off my mind, friends are saying that I should cut off every possible connection but I still doubt if that is the right call. I've been stock in here for so long. please advise.

Dear sender, 
Let's analyse the relationship between you and your girlfriend to help you understand what you are into. 
She is a graduate and you are still in school so naturally she would put you under pressure for marriage and may not be able to wait for you to graduate and be stable. 
She is two years older than you and that makes her see you as her half brother or a young man she isn't proud if and would ordinarily take for granted. Hence her saying she wouldn't marry any man who is younger than her. 
She wouldn't naturally respect you and may just be using you as a stop gap hoping that she would get a better man who fits her requirements for a relationship. 
This simply makes you have to work twice as hard to improve, impress and convince her of your love and in the process lose your identity and happiness of being with the lady you love. 
No doubt you wish she understood your vision and felt what you feel in your heart but you can't help but appreciate her concerns, fears and worries as a lady. 
If you wish to continue this thread of trying to impress her, then you may be setting yourself up for disappointment and that wouldn't be the best. 
Since she told you, she can't marry who younger than her and she doesn't feel comfortable with your personality, please officially terminate the relationship and then the communication so that you can be free to admire, appreciate and fall in love with the lady who appreciates, cherishes and believes in your personality and a lady you don't need to change yourself for before she would love you. 
Once you have ended the relationship between the two of you, you don't need to be communicating with her or think of returning back if you have moved on to another person. 


  1. The early u understand yourself the better for you, even if she used charm on u just prove to her that her charms have failed and move on.

  2. Get another babe with that you will forget her. #Ella


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