Tuesday, June 23, 2015

He doesn't touch me anymore.

Aunty Amara l apreciate your work keep it up 
please help a sister on this 
l am a married woman of 35 years and my hubby is 39 he is so loving and l love him very much but the problem is he will give me anything l want if he left home in the morning he will call me many times before he comes home but he wont make love to me. 
He can stay up to two weeks without love making love  to me and the day he will come he will not satisfy me l asked him,  he said that he is not seeing any other lady that he cheated on  me before but now he can't cheat me again that what he want now is not sex but money. 
l am confused please sorry for the long write up no insult. 
Thank you. 

Dear sender, 
How is your bedroom lately?  Have you eaten yourself out of shape? 
When last did you give your body a good treat? 
And how is your wardrobe lately. 
Love making should me naturally to your husband and if you are not attractive to him for weeks then it's either he has someone else or he isn't pleased with the way you meet his need at home. 
In as much as a man's pocket may determine how confident he is with his wife, however I would disagree that this was the reason he hasn't touched you for weeks. 
Buy lovely lingerie and sweet night gowns. 
Decorate the room and make the room has a lovely perfume on it.  Without light would be best. Carelessly touch him and gently get him to wake up to the amazing Queen beside him. He cannot resist such a beautiful temptation. 
Take your time to communicate your need to him and help him slow down the tempo so that you would catch up with him. 
Romance the joy stick and take your time to massage his chest, definitely he would make you feel like a new bride. 
Let him know that he is the best and he would always be your hero,when he has done a great job, bless him with his favourite meal and remind him how happy you are. 
Love making without appreciation is boring and discouraging so give him a heavy dose of it and he would look forward to meeting you on that spot at home. 
Prepare his meals without fat and oil. 
Do not make fries for him and do well to give him more fruits and vegetables so that he would be able to give the spark you desire. 
Finally, when your partner begins to withdraw from you, it's time to pray and seek God's grace and mercies to intervene in your home to avoid losing the battle to a strange woman. 
Now is the best time to act. 
Do not take this for granted, by his grace, he shall make money and be able to meet your needs in Jesus name amen. 

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  1. Dear poster, i do not see any problem about it if he do not make love to you for two weeks. You don't expect him to make love to you every day or maybe there is something bothering him, you know when a man is not happy/do not have joy it will be hard for him to engage in sex also you have to check your self very well maybe you do smell sometimes or have offensive odor that comes out from your Egypt just check and balance to know why he don't always make love to you. #Ella


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