Tuesday, June 23, 2015

His organ has refused to rise, I'm worried!

Please ma am 23 and he is 26 our relationship is one year and six months now, am among those that say no to pre-marital sex which he agreed to with me but of recent he started complaining about it. 
I went to visit him on Friday last week,  he requested for sex again which i refused but he never rest unlike before, i later allowed him to have me but to my greatest suprise his organ(looking for a gentleman's word) refused to stand, my man can't erect (resurrect lol) . 
Ma please what do you think that is the causes? 
Does it have cure? 
Please ma you and your fans should help me out because this guy has invested so much in me, post this for me and alert me when posted
Dear sender, 
I understand you feel shocked and perplexed knowing that your man can't wake up at the wake of events. 
I feel that you don't understand why it is better, safer and emotionally healthier for you to abstain from sex but belong to the group who say no without understanding. 
Sex is beautiful a God made sex to perfect creation, support expansion and give man the power to dominate the universe. 
No doubt you love him and he loves you, but what if he had had sex with you and you were pregnant today, how would you have catered for yourself and your baby? 
What if he denied you and the pregnancy, how would you have survived and coped with the pregnancy alone? 
If you were pregnant today, obviously a lot would change in your dreams and plans as a lady. 
If he hasn't paid your dowry, please help yourself by abstaining from sex. 
You are not only doing yourself a great favour but that of your children who would be affected as a result of wrong choices and decisions you made. 
You don't give in to sex because he complained but you do because you are spiritually, emotionally and psychologically ready to take care of yourself and your baby under the loving protection of your husband. 
As for what you observed, it could be a case of a man who was boasting of how he would conquer lion and fainted when he saw the goat. 
It maybe that he was too excited that he lost concentration, it may also be because he has a high sugar level in his system and as a result couldn't achieve election. 
It maybe something that need adequate medical attention to ascertain the root cause and treat him accordingly. 
I am happy at least you wish to see him healthy and whole and you are willing to stand by him. 
It is curable and I believe with your support and understanding, the dry bone would rise again. 
Encourage him to visit the hospital so that an urologist would examine the power bank and check for defects. 
He would be fine okay, he would be cured but remember, you are responsible for what you do with your body. 


  1. Chai !
    lol @ it could be a case of a man who was boasting of how he would conquer lion and fainted when he saw the goat.
    Auntie Amara you have said it all

  2. It is well with you Dear poster, it has a cure but meanwhile don't start what you can't finish now, concentrate on your future and all will be well

  3. It happens at times bsc of much anxiety, meanwhile re u sure dat he is ready for a life time commitment wit u , frm ur post he is 26yrs of age? Likewise u, re u ready to take d responsibility dat comes wit casual sex?

  4. Chai nnaa na wa ooo, Ikenga refused to go to war fearing bombs and armoured tanks. Dear poster it may happened for reason best known to GOD,i will advise he see a doctor and do general test also he should stop eat much sugar or foods that contains sugar. #Ella

  5. Lolzzzzz! Aunty Amara seriously i cant laugh in Igbo right now....it refused to wake up at the wake of the event.

  6. he can be cure, no course for alarm yet

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