Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Her mum apologised but I'm not convinced.

Good evening,ma,
I am in love with someone honestly she fell madly in love with me even though that i travelled she do call me always and i do call before I left i promised her that i won't cheat on her and she promised me as well.
And we lasted for three years because we are not close. when i came back,i told her that i want to marry her. 
I introduced her to my parents and they accepted her after I must have battled with them because she was not a graduate.
Finally,when i went to see her mum to let her know my plans. She started cursing and insulting me that she heard that i go out with ladies when i was a student and that she won't be alive to see me marry her daughter upon all these and others happening now recently the mum called me tell me that she is sorry for such and that she is acting with what she heard before i travelled but am not convinced.
Please madam,what should i do?
Because am confused.
Dear sender,
I understand how you feel about her reaction to you.  She must have spoken out of fears and doubt that her daughter must have had knowing that you are vulnerable to slipping from the ladder. 
You cannot leave a goat and a yam together without being worried of the yam. 
She must have realised her errors which was why she apologised to you. 
She must have been worried and conscious of the damage and the effect of her words which made her humble herself to make amends. 
Will you let this make you lose your bride and begin all over again? 
Will you not consider her fears and appreciate that she spoke like a woman with fears, anxiety and concerns for her daughter's happiness. 
You may not be convinced today but life will ultimately reveal some realities to you if you are patient and willing.
If you ask me, I wouldn't be in a haste to judge her but would listen and look beyond her words to her worries. 
Take your time, it's another test of how much you love this lady who clearly compliments and completes your world. 
If a lady for three years could be there for you for three years plus, dear is forgiving her mum the only reason you feel she's not good for you? 
Pray and allow the Holy spirit to reveal God's will for you. 

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