Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I saw condoms in his jacket, please what do I do?

Aunty Amara please advice me.
Two nights ago I went into my husband's room to get something,something led me searching his jacket where he normally keeps invoice/receipts, unfortunately I saw three packets of condoms.
Ma we don't use them because he says he hates using them on me.
We've been married for three years.I got mad seeing those things.
When he came back from work I politely asked cos I wanted to know why he kept them there. He got angry and said I should never ask him such question again and that moreover it has been there.
But Ma,I usually go through his stuffs but has never seen such there not for once.
They are new Ma,he has since been giving me cold treatment. I'm pregnant and has been itching severely. please what do I do?
Was I wrong asking him?please advice me.
Dear sender, 
I can only imagine how terrible you feel knowing that the man you so much trusted is not only cheating on you but cares less about how you feel about it. 
You do not need any explanations to know what he uses the condoms for, and asking is only putting him on the spot and that he may not want to go through. 
When a man is caught doing something not so good, his ego tries to make him react with anger and pride but what you could do is speak to his conscience and that way break him down. 
Remind him of his promises, his children, his future and his wealth that he is wasting. 
Remind him of the infections, and the division that his attitude may bring to the home. 
Assure him of your love and support and ask him to help you become a better wife to him not a bitter woman living with him. 
Do this when you know he would listen perhaps on a Sunday after mass when he would have heard one sermon or the other. 
Pray for your husband and your marriage,challenges like this test our convictions of before walk down the Isle with him. 
This is a battle that have confronted many wives and it can only be won when you keep your ends very much in order and then pray against any strange lady with evil intentions. 
Apply wisdom, and humility of heart, you have one all you should have, you only need to hand the rest to God and allow Him to handle the rest. 
Focus more on your baby and ensure that you go for your antenatal care to ensure that you and your baby are in good health. 
I pray for a safe delivery of your baby. 
You shall overcome this and rejoice with your baby in no distant time. 

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