Tuesday, June 23, 2015

He cheats and tell lies but nice, what do I do?

Aunty Amara good day....
I am 24 years old, I started dating my boyfriend three years ago but before we met I had to work to pay my school fees but when I met him he asked me to stop work that he will take care of my fees until I graduate and he kept to his promise, within these three years I took him serious I have made up my mind I was going to marry him, but I am not happy because he cheats and tell lies but he is nice, he makes me feel less of a woman despite my fidelity and sincerity to him. 
Whenever I tell him how he makes me feel he will apologise but still do the same thing, I refused to cheat or leave him but I feel he has done enough for me, last year the whole thing became unbearable I was so depressed then I met this guy who told me about a similar thing that he has passed through, we got talking and he treats me better and makes me happy though he is in the USA but we talk everyday on skype And WhatsApp he is so sweet and encouraging and i am already falling in love with him he is coming back in few months to see my family to make his intentions known but this guy who has helped me alot is not serious and he hasn't discussed anything about marriage since we started dating.....
Please what do I do.

Dear sender, 
Relationship is never a bondage and you do not owe any man anything who haven't paid your dowry. 
However it is deceptive, insensitive and selfish for you to be in a relationship with one and be talking to another person. 
Most times it portray the person as not being matured for a commitment and willing to make some decisions and stand by it. 
If tomorrow these two men meet each other and something terrible happens to one of them, you would blame the devil but you made it happen when you could have told him the truth. 
He is nice and kind but he cheats on you, which was a sincere reasons for you to move on but you decided to eat his cake while you toast another man. 
Sort this out first, if you are no longer interested in the first partner and you feel you cannot cope with him and he isn't the man you desire, please let him know and move on the second partner. 
Remember that relationship is not a profit business but a partnership venture were you would need to invest in for you to reap the dividends. 
That a man is abroad doesn't mean he would be the best partner. 
Be wise and do not compromise on your happiness because of few dollars.  
You may need to draw closer to God to avoid making a decision that would cost you much more than you could imagine. 
All the best. 

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