Monday, June 22, 2015

My mum is ashamed of me!

Good evening, I liked this page a few weeks ago, and it has been a blessing to me.
I don't like sharing issues concerning my relationship, Because each time I share, it's hardly published. I just hope and pray you publish this one. When you post it, kindly let me know.

I'm a 29 year old working class lady (multi national company) and since January this year I have been in a relationship with a 40 year old single guy who I have known for 7 years because we attend the same church.
We are from different tribes, though that's not the issue.

The issue is; when we started dating, he was working though my pay was far more than his own, that didn't border me because I love him. He made his Intention known, and I accepted, he then engaged me. 
I introduced him to my family, and he was welcomed, my mum (my dad is late) Told him what to do and the procedure to follow,which he did by inviting his people over to meet mine.

Two months after the engagement, while we were already looking at getting married six months from the engagement day, he lost his job.
He has searched for a job, but to no avail.
We decided that due to the unemployment situation the country ( Nigeria ) he should go into business, which we are already planning to do.

Suddenly , my mum who used to love him, started getting angry with me. Saying that the guy wants to use me and dump me and that she would not allow us get married.
I asked to know why she suddenly changed, she said that I was dating a poor old man when there are young working guys, every where. (She has never showed sign of being materialistic all the years I have known her) That she don't know why I'm running after him.
Each day she calls me or we speak, the things she keeps saying is that she is ashamed of me that I'm dating an old man that is jobless.
Please Aunty and aunty's fans, what should I do.

Is it wrong to love a guy dat is 11 years older than I am or is it wrong to stand by the man I love in times of need?

Your suggestion and advice is very key and needed please.


Dear sender, 
Just as no man knows when the son of Man shall come, nobody can predict the future of anyone and nobody can tell what anyone may become in life. 
Though many may discourage you and some may mock you but do not lose your convictions about your partner. Do not listen to what people are saying about him that you forget seek God's will on this. 
If in times of no job, he has remained positive, teachable and willing to start small again. 
If this man be a man who truly fears God and is responsible to you. 
If when he had, he truly made his intentions known to you and engaged you for marriage. 
If this man in spirit and in truth makes you happy and fulfilled as a lady. 
Don't worry about the opinions of others, focus on God and allow him to build your home for you. 
Marrying a rich, young and a working class man doesn't guarantee fulfilment or happiness in marriage. 
When there is a storm around you, please do not lose the peace within you. 
Do not focus on his age, instead focus on the man who you love and believe in his future and vision. 
Talk things through with him and see how he can be supported to begin a business so that you can examine how well he can manage resources and also be responsible for himself. 
That would also help you see how well and how committed he is in becoming a man who desires to lead his family and give them the best. 
Be positive and prayerful, God is too faithful to disappoint you. 

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