Thursday, June 4, 2015

How do I correct my husband's errors without crushing his reputation?

Amara good evening,
Please I have a question to ask which has been disturbing me for sometime,am a soon to be mum by God's grace and it has been bothering me how I would correct an offence done by my husband to my kids without bringing my husband low before my kids,for example,when daddy does something wrong and the child goes to mummy,how does mummy tell the child that daddy was wrong without jeopardizing the respect for daddy before the child,thanks
Dear sender,
I understood the scenario you were trying to paint but first remember a child is a product of a man's sperm and a woman's egg.
God in his wisdom decided to bring two individuals so as to give a child a balanced platform to grow in wisdom, understanding and maturity.
Parenting is a journey and no one is better than the other so at every point in your parental journey, do not focus on who is right or who is not rather let your focus be in giving your child the very best and projecting a good image of his/her dad even when they may not have made the best decision.
In parental guiding, every partner loves the child and hopes to give nothing but the best to the child but sometimes one may not apply the right approach.
In such case, remind the child first of daddy's good intentions and apologize on behalf of daddy but not to train a child to always find fault in his/her dad.
Remind the child always of all he goes through everyday to provide for him/her and encourage them to always celebrate their dad.
When you train your children to love their dad and respect him, you will in turn raise children that will celebrate and support you when you need them more.
Even when you feel his approach was not the best, never you attempt to correct him in the presence of his children, instead in your closet with him, pour out your heart on him and share your views with him.
With love, unity of purpose, understanding and patience, you would raise children who have balanced mindset about home and family and children that appreciate both daddy and mummy.

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